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This is the Bloodborne dupe glitch behind a 41 minute speed run [Update: patched out]


From Software has released patch 1.02 for Bloodborne which not only fixes the Forbidden Woods bug but also gets rid of the duplication glitch we reported below yesterday. Looks like the internet's going to have to find some very new and inventive ways to beat Ogunam_tv and his 41 minute speedrun of the game. See below for the ultra spoilery experience.

Original story

Been reading Twitter and don’t fancy all the death of your fellow Bloodborne players? Well take a look at the speed run of YouTuber Oginam_tv who has just beaten his previous Bloodborne record of 45 minutes with a very respectable 41 minutes 51 seconds. Using a duplication glitch he manages to reach level 83 within 15 minutes - yes, you're what level after four days solid?

And here’s the glitch to literally take all the pain - not to mention the fun - away. Simply add an alternate character and progress to the first lantern in Central Yharnam before switching back to your main character and this glitch will dupe whatever consumable you like. And that includes Blood Echoes.

Here’s how it's done but obviously do this at your own risk.

1. Create a secondary character by starting a new game

2. Reach the first lantern in Yharnam and go to Hunter’s Dream

3. Exit the game and return to your main character

4. Clear out your main character’s storage so there is nothing in there. Selling is fine. It just needs to be empty.

5. Go back to your alternate character and place a lone pebble into your storage.

6. Return to your main character and place one of the item you would like to duplicate into storage.

7. Now go to the Store and buy as many pebbles as you would like to duplicate the item. Once you’ve gone over the maximum level of pebbles you can carry, the rest of the little stones will magically appear in your storage as the item you would like duped like cheaty magic.

You can see the process taking place at the eleven minute mark in the speed run video below. Beware. Cheats and spoilers await.

Louise Blain

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