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Black Ops Cold War adds Captain Price as a free season 3 skin

Black Ops Cold War Price
(Image credit: Activision)

Captain Price is coming to Black Ops Cold War in a new inter-franchise guest appearance, which also means he's headed to Call of Duty Warzone in a new form.

Price will go live in Black Ops Cold War season 3, which officially launches on Thursday (though the updates for it and Warzone will start rolling out before then). He'll be a free addition for anybody who plays Black Ops Cold War at the start of season 3, whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran of the not-so-cold Cold War.

To unlock your own personal Price, all you need to do is log into Black Ops Cold War after the season 3 update goes live on April 20 at 9 pm PDT / April 21 at midnight EDT / April 21 at 5 am BST. He'll also automatically be unlocked for you in Call of Duty: Warzone, though you'll need to go online in Black Ops Cold War before he shows up over there.

Price previously appeared in the original fourth season of Warzone (back when it was tied to Modern Warfare, in which Price played a major part). That iteration of the mustachioed Captain had him in olive drab fatigues and a boonie hat, while the Black Ops Cold War version pays homage to his Crew Expendable appearance from the original Modern Warfare with all-black gear and a gas mask strapped to the top of his head. It does make me wonder if he'll lower that one when you pick up a gas mask in-game, or if he'll just wear two…

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