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Here’s what happens in the Bill and Ted Face the Music post-credits scene

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Air guitars at the ready! Yes, there is a Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music post-credits scene, and it's now out in the wild (or should that be Wyld?). 

For those of you who are curious or just want to relive the rockin’ adventure’s epilogue, we’ve broken down exactly what happens after the credits in Bill and Ted 3. Otherwise, click away now! The bodacious threequel is out now in cinemas and on-demand in the U.S. (check out our guide on how to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music online) and in UK cinemas on September 23.

Mild spoilers for Bill and Ted Face the Music follow!

If you’ve seen the film (or even watched the trailers), you’ll know Bill and Ted are tasked with writing a song that will save all of reality. Their solution? Steal the song from their future selves. Easy.

One such future involves an elderly Bill and Ted – very much on their last legs and consigned to beds in a nursing home – meeting ‘our’ Bill and Ted.

It’s a period that’s revisited in the one and only Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music post-credits scene. Only this time, the two old age performers rise from their beds and perform, presumably, one last guitar session. They plug in the amps and rock out, saying “We still got it” before calling for the nurse.

So, we’ve seen Bill and Ted travel through space, time, meet and cheat Death – and we’ve now witnessed their final performance. Not a bad way to end the trilogy, so make sure you stick around for the post-credits scene.

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