How to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music online today: global on-demand streaming guide

watch bill and ted face the music online stream video on demand

Wow, we can't believe it's actually here and we can all sit back and watch Bill and Ted Face The Music online tonight. You could be doing it just minutes from now actually. The third Bill and Ted movie arrives a mere 19 years after Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey and thanks to Coronavirus severely limiting the number of theaters showing the movie, Video on Demand is here to make sure fans can finally check up on the adventures of Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted 'Theodore' Logan. 

Actually, despite being all set to save the world with rock n' roll last time we saw them in the time-bending Bogus Journey, it would appear they haven't quite got around to it. Rock God status still hasn't arrived and they're now middle-aged with teenagers of their own causing more headaches than a De Nomolos boot at the door.

Sure, you could hold out for your local movie theater to re-open and see the movie there, but do you really want to risk waiting any longer for spoilers? And given the net's enthusiasm for all things Keanu, do you really think they're going to keep quiet for long?

The show must go on and we're here to help you work out how to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music online with a video-on-demand stream. First up, a bit of bad news for some of you: the on-demand video is currently only available in the US. However, for anyone outside of the States, we'll show you how to use a VPN so you can pick up the film from anywhere else in the world. No need to thank us, just be excellent to each other.

Stream Bill and Ted Face the Music online - USA

Fandango Now - $19.99 rent (4K UHD) | $24.99 (buy 4K)

Fandango Now - $19.99 rent (4K UHD) | $24.99 (buy 4K)

Amazon Prime Video - $19.99 (rent HD) $24.99 (buy HD)

A couple of options for you here. It's the same price at both Fandango and Amazon. But Fandango offers the movie in 4K Ultra HD instead of Amazon's regular HD. You don't have to be a Prime member to pay for the movie on Prime by the way. The Amazon option might be the simplest option if you have a TV with the Fire TV app already. But, for anyone thinking of using a VPN from outside the US, we'd go the Fandango route as you might need to set up a new US Amazon account rather than be able to use your local one.

How to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music online from anywhere

ExpressVPN | From $6.67 / £5.24 a month

ExpressVPN | From $6.67 / £5.24 a month
If you're trying to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music online from anywhere outside of the USA, we think your best bet will be to grab the Fandango offer in lush 4K mentioned above. But to even get that site to let you in, you'll need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a filter over the internet that protects data about your computer as you browse, and also allows you to appear as if you're in a different country. That means you can tune your IP address to a US location and access their services without geoblocks.

We've tested a wide range of VPN options when we investigated our best VPN for gaming and best VPN for Netflix guides and found ExpressVPN to be our favorite. With a massive selection of reliable server locations to connect to around the world and reassuring privacy options, there's a lot to love about ExpressVPN. Plus, you can set up automatic protection on any public WiFi system, making it safer than ever to browse, do banking, and shop online on the go.

Follow these simple steps to get set up within minutes to watch Bill and Ted online:

1: Get a cheap VPN installed. There's a great offer on right now where you can get an additional three months FREE on a 12-month package and save 49% (shorter packages are available too). ExpressVPN works on a massive range of devices like laptops, MacBooks, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, iPhone, Android mobiles and more. ExpressVPN is also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you change your mind and decide the VPN isn't for you.

2: Connect to a US server. 

3: Head over to Fandango. Once you set your location, head over to Fandango to rent or purchase Bill and Ted Face the Music video on demand. Enjoy.

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