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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Hotel near Wayne Tower

Just northwest of Bruce's building is a large hotel. The west-facing side has two large windows you can crash through. Do so to find a trophy on the other side.

Newton Fairgrounds

This Riddler puzzle is atop the bumper cars, right next to the ferris wheel. There are two Riddler bots and three pressure pads. Use the Voice Synthesizer to guide the bots onto the pads so that they face away from you - you don't want them attacking. Once they're in place, you can step on the third pad in their blind spot yourself, freeing the trophy.

Newton Fairgrounds

Atop the building at the far end of the pier.


This Urbarail car hangs at the southeastern edge of Bristol. Drop, glide, or grapple to it to grab a trophy inside.

Bristol Urbarail Station

Grapple up just past the Urbarail track to find a suspended elevator. Drop inside from the roof to find this.

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