Batman Arkham Knight Riddler guide and how to solve every challenge

Miagani Island Riddles

"It doesn't take much to tame a cat, make them wear this, then call the bat."

This is an easy one. Just scan Catwoman when you first meet her.

"Friends of the Waynes though not as wealthy, their memorial ward keeps Gotham healthy."

Elliot Memorial Hospital stands near Penitence Bridge. Get on the wires of the bridge for a clear view of the hospital marquis, then scan it to solve.

"The highest building in Arkham City, A Strange man worked here, who took no pity."

To solve this, you'll need to scan the Wonder Tower in Arkham City. Head to Mainland Bridge and grapple up to a high vantage point. Then you'll be able to zoom in across the water for a clear view.

"The Prince of Gotham sits high in his tower, yet this picture recalls a happier hour."

Found inside Wayne Tower. Scan Bruce Wayne's family portrait to solve.

"A former warden who had a strange turn, his appointment as mayor was a cause for concern."

Solved in an alleyway near Grand Avenue. You'll find an election poster for Quincy Sharp plastered on the wall - scan it.

"A natural cure for Scarecrow's doom, your savior's gone, but still in bloom."

This riddle can only be solved after Poison Ivy's death. Return to the Botanical Gardens and check the spot where she passed to find a small flower blooming, and scan it.

"Disarming, charming, quite the inquisitor. She'll pull back the vale, whoever her visitor."

There's a large neon sign for the Vicki Vale Show near Grand Avenue. Get on a rooftop for a clear view, then scan it to solve.

"The League of Assassins stuck blades through hearts, now they impale each other's art."

There's a large parking garage in Kingston. Check the lot by the entrance to find this Demon's Head poster skewered to the wall with a sword. Scan it to solve.

"Are you suffering from a mental split? Take out the trash before you defend it!"

You'll find Hell's Gate right across the street from the Botanical Gardens. Scan it to solve this riddle.

"You forced this contraption over my brain, I'll reward you with punishment, debasement, and pain."

Found inside Pinkney Orphanage, inside the final Riddler/Catwoman room. There's a console by the puzzle you can activate with the Remote Hacking Device. This opens up a small hidden room. Scan the helmet inside to solve.

Miagani Island Trophies

Mercy Bridge

There's a little shelter under the bridge. Check here to find the trophy in plain sight.

Mercy Bridge

On the other side of this end of the bridge is a small, breakable part of the wall. Shoot through with the Batmobile to find a Riddler puzzle inside. You need to get the Riddler bot onto the pressure pad, so start by using the Remote Electrical Charge to shoot the generator and move the destructive wall forward. Use the Voice Synthesizer to order the bot close to the wall, then use the Charge to send it back, destroying the bot. Hit the Riddler switch on the wall to restore it - now on the other side of the wall. Order it onto the pressure pad to release the trophy.

Mercy Bridge

From the bridge proper, you can shoot out a destructible wall with the Batmobile. Do so, then grapple into the alcove to grab another trophy.

Lady of Gotham

Head to statue in the center of the three islands for this one. Use Detective Vision to find a damaged piece of scaffolding, then use Explosive Gel or a glide kick to bust through. The trophy is down the stairs on the other side.


This is on a rooftop in west Kingston, but getting it is a little tricky. Just southwest of the trophy is a parking garage. Drive to the top floor and hit the ramp to get onto a nearby rooftop. From here, you can connect the Batmobile's power winch and rev the engine to free the trophy.


Almost directly south of the previous trophy is a cracked wall high on a building. Shoot through with the Batmobile, and grapple into the alcove for another trophy.

Gotham Herald

The plus-shaped Herald building is found on the western edge of Kingston. On the northern rooftop is a squad of Riddler bots - some green, some orange - and a switch. Take out the green guys, then hit the switch with a Batarang to change the orange guys green. Take them out too to free the trophy.

Gotham Herald

On the west-facing part of the building is a bit of wood paneling. Bust through this with Explosive Gel or a glide kick to grab the trophy on the other side.

Gotham Herald

Check the plaza underneath the Herald proper to find a Riddler puzzle. Use the Batmobile winch to move the tunnels left or right, guiding the trophy ball down to the prize slot.

Pauli's Diner

Right on the Kingston/Grand Avenue border is Pauli's Diner - the same joint where the game's prologue took place. Head inside to find this behind the counter.

Grand Avenue Cathedral

There's a huge cathedral on the eastern edge of the island. You can find this atop a mausoleum midway up the building.

Grand Avenue Cathedral

At street level, you can find a winch panel and a cracked piece of the wall. Shoot through the wall with the Batmobile's cannon, then use the winch to raise a large storage container inside. Exit, grapple in, and pop through the hatch to grab the trophy. When you do, a squad of Riddler bots will appear. Switch to the Batmobile remote controls and lower the storage container to crush them all.

Grand Avenue Cathedral

At the very tippy top of the cathedral is a caged trophy, but to get it, you'll need to travel to the Elliot Memorial Hospital near Penitence Bridge. On a rooftop there is a pressure pad, which you can step on to start a timer. Quickly leap down into the Batmobile and speed back to the cathedral. Eject and grapple up to the trophy before time runs out and it returns to its cage.

Grand Avenue

Across the street from the cathedral is Lacey's Department Store. Use the Batmobile winch on the hook to raise the sign, revealing a cracked wall. Shoot through it and grapple into the alcove to find a trophy.

Grand Avenue

Smack dab in the middle of the avenue is neon Dang-Good Donuts sign. Launch yourself high and glide through the center of the donut itself to find a trophy on the other side.

Grand Avenue

Grapple all the way to the top of the building across from the Urbarail Station to find this.

Grand Avenue

Check the skyscraper across the street from the previous trophy to find a wood panel. Use Explosive Gel or a glide kick to get through it - there's a trophy on the other side.

Grand Avenue

Check around the same building at street level to find a green hook. Grab it with Batmobile winch and rip away the shutter to find a trophy inside. When you do, a sentry gun will pop up, so switch to the Batmobile remote controls to destroy it.

Grand Avenue Tunnels

You can get this while completing the story missions. When you go into the tunnels to search for the Arkham Knight, look for this on a ledge when you first encounter a room with militia repairing some drones.

Grand Avenue Urbarail Station

Midway up the station is an area where you fought the Militia earlier in the story (or soon will). Look for a wood panel and punch through it to find a trophy on the other side.

Grand Avenue Urbarail Station

A level below the previous trophy is a train, and you'll find this atop it.

Mainland Bridge

Check the blocked bridge entrance to find a Riddler puzzle. Pulling back on the hook with the Batmobile winch will get the gears turning, raising the trophy in its tube. As it rises, eject from the car and use the Batclaw to grab it as it moves past the center window.

Mainland Bridge

There's a south-facing cracked wall near the tunnel entrance under the bridge, but to shoot it out, you'll need to get the Batmobile onto the Wayne Tower island. Once you've done this, you can glide into the alcove to fetch the trophy.

Wayne Tower

Behind the tower is a pulsing green panel. Pull up to it and use the Batmobile's Forensic Scanner to reveal some Riddler marks on the ground. This will lead you over a ramp and into the nearby Urbarail Station (you'll need to open the gate with the Remote Hacking Device if you haven't already), eventually revealing a weak spot in the wall. Shoot it out and climb into the room beyond to find a trophy.

Wayne Tower

Scale the northeast corner, and you'll find this doorway. Head down the steps inside to find the trophy in a side room.

Hotel near Wayne Tower

Just northwest of Bruce's building is a large hotel. The west-facing side has two large windows you can crash through. Do so to find a trophy on the other side.

Newton Fairgrounds

This Riddler puzzle is atop the bumper cars, right next to the ferris wheel. There are two Riddler bots and three pressure pads. Use the Voice Synthesizer to guide the bots onto the pads so that they face away from you - you don't want them attacking. Once they're in place, you can step on the third pad in their blind spot yourself, freeing the trophy.

Newton Fairgrounds

Atop the building at the far end of the pier.


This Urbarail car hangs at the southeastern edge of Bristol. Drop, glide, or grapple to it to grab a trophy inside.

Bristol Urbarail Station

Grapple up just past the Urbarail track to find a suspended elevator. Drop inside from the roof to find this.

Bristol Urbarail Station

Head to other stop northwest of the previous trophy to find this sitting on a table.

Botanical Gardens

Head inside the Gardens proper and ascend to the top floor. You'll find this beside a plant display.

Botanical Gardens

Head through the courtyard to the western side of the facility. You'll find another trophy among the shelves on the first floor.

Elliot Memorial Hospital

Check the southernmost corner of the facility to find a green symbol, and use the Batmobile's Forensic Scanner near it to trigger Riddler marks on the ground. Follow these to find a weak spot under an overpass, then shoot through it. Grapple into the hole to find a trophy.

Penitence Bridge

Underneath the Miagani Island side of the bridge is a Riddler puzzle. This one is tricky: you have to hit four switches in three seconds while two pressure pads are pressed. Start by using the Voice Synthesizer on the nearby Riddler bot, making him stand on one pad. Now apply Explosive Gel to the pair of switches wrapped around the nearby column. Stand on the second pressure pad, detonate the gels, and quickly hit the other two switches with Batarangs to free this hard-earned trophy.

Pinkney Orphanage

There's a Riddler puzzle on the wall facing Bristol. Drive onto the pressure pad with the Batmobile to activate one of the Riddler switches - you should also note the console on the overpass behind you, as you can use the winch on it to charge your secondary weapons. Shoot the switches as they light up, and when groups of four appear, use your missiles. When the entire array lights up, use the Missile x10 ability to target all but one (be sure to shoot that one manually!). This will free the trophy.

Pinkney Orphanage

You'll find this on the roof, inside a makeshift shelter.

Pinkney Orphanage

There's a Riddler puzzle in the front yard. It's pretty simple, so just use a combination of the Batmobile winch and your Remote Electrical Charge to guide the trophy ball down the prize slot.

Miagani Island Riddler Victims

Ferris Mall

This plaza is located in West Kingston, and the switch to trigger the Riddler message is on a rooftop overlooking the area. Use the Remote Controlled Batarang to find the victim, then send another one through the electricity on the Ferris Mall sign to knock him out.

Wayne Tower

This victim is found immediately west of Wayne Tower; the Riddler pad is on a rooftop overlooking the nearby plaza. Find the victim with the Remote Controlled Batarang, then send it through the current at the far end of the plaza (above the K.G. Bagels sign) to stun him.

Salvation Bridge

The Riddler pad is on an overpass near Miagani side of the bridge. Do the usual, but this time you'll actually have to shoot the victim with the Remote Electrical Charge.

Miagani Island Militia Shields

Mercy Bridge

Found on the east-facing side. You'll have to drive under the bridge to spot it.

Ranelagh Ferry Terminal

On the east side of Kingston, on a building across from the terminal proper.

Bank of Gotham

The bank is found in central Kingston. You'll have to get a good distance to see the shield hanging high on the building.

Central Kingston

Hanging above a Koul Brau storefront.

Central Kingston

Found high on the Ferris Mall building.


Found right on the western border of Kingston. Look up to see it near a window.

Bristol Hotel

High on a hotel in Bristol, in between Penitence Bridge and Salvation Bridge.

Kingston/Grand Avenue

Hanging on an overpass on the border of the two areas.

Grand Avenue

By a tunnel entrance on the eastern end of Grand Avenue.

Grand Avenue Station

This one is tucked away by the eastern exit of the large Urbarail Station.

Wayne Tower

Facing the water on the western side of the complex - you'll have to a hit a ramp to get here.

Gotham Globe

Hanging on a pillar in front of the building.

Gotham Globe

Right near the previous shield. Check the cluster of buildings immediately northwest.

Newton Fairgrounds

Head to the boardwalk on the southern side of the island.

Pinkney Orphanage

Can be spotted hanging on the building as you drive up the hill to the front door.

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