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5 brilliant early Cyber Monday deals to grab on Amazon UK before the masses

It's officially Cyber Monday gaming deals time in the UK – with 'doors' opening at midnight last night – and Amazon is already rolling out a nice selection of savings on items that will enhance your game time and life in general. Don't wait for all the normies to pile on later today and start buying out the best stuff - the early bird gets the huge TV discounts (and speaker and smart lights and so on).

1. A 65" Panasonic 4K LED TV – with £800 off!

Panasonic 65-inch 4K HDR LED TV for £1,099 (was £1,899.99): This is a fantastic deal on a huge Panasonic LED that offers 'exemplary' handling of images according to sister site Techradar. That 65-inch screen will go a long way toward letting you appreciate that phenomenal 4K pixel density, and HDR support makes sure the whole thing pops with colour. 

2. The cheapest, high quality, 4K TV yet?

Toshiba 43-inch 4K LED TV for £329 (was £479.99): Don't have the room or budget for a hulking 65-inch TV? Check out this budget-friendly number. For £150 off the sticker price you get a sensible 43-inch screen with full 4K support and built in Dolby Audio. It even has an Eco Mode for saving energy if you want to cut down on hidden costs.

3. Bluetooth speakers for a third of the price

Betron KBS08 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for £10 (was £29.99): You need a good, cheap Bluetooth speaker in your life; something to belt out nice-sounding tunes or podcasts when you're doing chores, something that won't make you too upset when you accidentally knock it off the counter or down a flight of stairs. At just £10 each you might as well stock up.

4. Almost 50% off smart lights for the ultimate gaming set up

Hive Active Light Starter Kit with hub and two bulbs for £54.99 (was £99.99): Turning all the lights in your house on and off with the touch of a smartphone is the best kind of power trip, and this Hive starter kit allows you to dim the lights to suit the game or film you're enjoying. If you have a voice assistant like Alexa for it to work with, it's even better. Speaking of which…

5. A voice-controlled Amazon Dot to control your lights like a wizard

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen for £34.99 (was £49.99): This is the cheapest way to get an Amazon Echo Dot so far, saving £15. Turn on your lights, grab another takeaway, or just play your Spotify tracks, all without leaving your couch or even moving your arms.