Ubisoft sends lapsed Far Cry 6 players taunting emails: "Surely you can do better than this"

Far Cry 6 x You
(Image credit: Ubisoft / Warner Bros. Television)

Far Cry 6 villain Anton Castillo has apparently been emailing players to tempt them into playing more of Ubisoft's latest open-world buffet. 

GamesIndustry managing editor Brendan Sinclair tweeted screenshots of the email he received. "It was amusing watching you fail" isn't a particularly inviting opener, nor is the kicker noting your hours played with a terse, "Surely you can do better than this." 

Our own Rachel Weber praised the chaos and power fantasy of Ubisoft's latest in her Far Cry 6 review, but given the game's broader and slightly more mixed reception, that last line feels a bit hasty, if only because disgruntled or dissatisfied players could very easily turn it around on old Anton. Far Cry 6 is nothing if not more Far Cry, so anyone who went in hoping for something beyond that may have found themselves in a similar mood. 

Twitter user Illegaldesi Gaming shared their own tailor-made email which highlights how many dudes they've killed and the checkpoints they've captured. "You have taken two regions from me, guerrilla," reads another note from El Presidente himself. "But I will take it all back. I will remove you from history. No one will know your name." This user clarified that they've kept up playing Far Cry 6, so it seems these emails weren't sent exclusively to lapsed players, though the wording in them is definitely angled to get players back on the hook or keep them there. 

Giancarlo Esposito's performance as Anton Castillo is one of the highlights of Far Cry 6, and his straight-faced taunts genuinely livened up the game's marketing. But in a personal email akin to a calendar reminder, and one not-so-subtly laced with FOMO at that, the same tone isn't quite as endearing, even if it is ultimately playful.  

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