Tuesday Link-A-Mania

Sgt Rock Is Going To Help The Future
And if anyone gets the reference in that paraphrase above, then congratulations, you are a music geek. But it does perfectly sum up the latest news on the Sgt Rock film front. Producer Joel Silver has confirmed what many had suspected in The LA Times that when the classic DC comic is transferred to the big screen, Sgt Rock and his soldiers will be fighting a war in the future rather than in World War II. "It's a little bit in the future," says Silver. "As a war movie, it's not going to be 'where it's been,' it's going to be 'where it's going.' We didn't want to do Iraq, we didn't want to do a contemporary war. We wanted to do a sort of futuristic war. It's pretty strong. Chad St. John wrote the script and we've got Francis Lawrence involved in developing it with us. It's not a 'go' movie yet but I'm feeling good about it." Doesn’t sound from that like they’re going to time travel Biggles-style, though, just set the comic in a whole different era. In which case, why bother calling it Sgt Rock? It’s hardly a franchise uppermost in the public conscience? You might as well just make a war move set in the future and call it, oh, dunno, Making War Plans For Nigel.

Teen Wolf Meets Highlander
Well, sorta. The new MTV TV series remake of the ’80s Michael J Fox movies now has a director for its pilot, and it’s none other than Russell Mulcahy, the man who gave us Highlander, and Duran Duran’s "Wild Boys" video. Hurrah! Not so hurrah, he's also directed Resident Evil: Extinction, Talos The Mummy, Highlander 2 and Ricochet, so at least dabbling in TV should stop him making terrible movies for a while.

Wonderland Queen

Coming Soon has a new pic of The White Queen from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, and a fairly extensive Q&A interview with the actress who plays her, Anne Hathaway. "I took a very Zen approach to filmmaking on this one," she says. “It sounds silly, but I had no idea what was going on. I walked in and it was like being in a neon-green terrarium – green on all sides, and tons of empty space. Tim knew what was going on – he was the one that is in control of it. All I needed to do was hit my mark and say my lines, and wait for Tim to tell me that we’re ready to move on. And that was my approach to it. I didn’t put any other pressure on myself. I just showed up and acted.”

Lost Has Found Some Loyal Fans
The Hollywood Reporter is running an article of the surprising reaction amongst Lost fans to the news that the first episode of season six had been leaked on-line: most of them are refusing to watch it. One social network site with a conscience even buried the link. "Why spoil it now?" wrote one fan. "I'd rather watch it in hi-def and surround sound than ruin the surprise and watch some (low-quality) video." "Are people so impatient that they would rather watch a cell phone camera version of the 'Lost' premiere than wait one day?" Twittered another. The leaked version was illegally filmed using a hand-held camera shooting during a fan screening on Oahu (and we’re not going to tell you where you can see it). Bet that fan thought he was going to be legend amongst List fandom; instead it looks like he’s a pariah who should never reveal his true identity, not for fear of Lost’s lawyers, but of other fans lynching him.

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