Tuca & Bertie star Tiffany Haddish is confident the show will find a new home after Netflix cancellation

(Image credit: Netflix)

After the breakout success of BoJack Horseman when it launched in 2014, fans of Tuca & Bertie though their new favorite cartoon would have a long and healthy life. Netflix thought otherwise and cancelled it after a single season.

“I was late finding out it was canceled,” said Haddish at the Television Critics Association (TCA). “Tuca & Bertie is close to me. It is amazing and needs to be seen. 

"Who knows? It might end up somewhere else!”

Originally reported by Deadline, Haddish recently spoke at the TCA about hosting Kids Say the Darndest Things on ABC when a question about the bird brained show came up. She said that she and the creator of Tuca & Bertie, Lisa Hanawalt, have been talking about bringing the show back. While they had no concrete news to share she was confident that they'd see the show return. 

Tuca & Bertie, starring Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong, explored the friendship between two 30 year old birds living in the same apartment building. It gained critical acclaim and a passionate following of fans who loved the show for its unique and dirty storylines. 

While BoJack Horseman dove deep into the depression of its main character, Tuca & Bertie explore the intricacies of female friendship (including a frank approach to sex and other sensitive topics).

The show joins other classics like American Vandal, One Day at a Time, Sense 8, The Get Down, and The OA in getting cancelled by Netflix. 

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