True Crime 2: First shots and facts

While we revealed to you last year that was on its way, even our almost supernatural detection skills couldn't conjure up any more mystical information beyond that tiny, lonely factoid.

But now we can and, what's more, we can show you the first three screens from True Crime 2 Streets of Hong Kong.

For this follow-up to the spooky but popular True Crime Streets of LA, Nick Kang's patch has moved from South Central to South East Asia and he's making the jump to the next generation of consoles.

So following a similar pattern to the first game, this Orient-set sequel will unfold over 30 missions using the power of the, so far unseen, Xbox 2 and PS3 consoles.

The game is currently expected to materialise in 2006, although we'd imagine that it'll make an appearance at May's E3 show.

True Crime 2 Streets of Hong Kong will be released for PS3 and Xbox 2 in 2006