Transformers: Heavy Metal is a new mobile game built on Pokemon Go tech

Transformers: Heavy Metal
(Image credit: Niantic/Hasbro/Tomy)

Transformers: Heavy Metal is a new mobile game built in partnership with the Pokemon Go devs to let fans join the war against the Decepticons all around the world.

Transformers: Heavy Metal is being developed by Very Very Spaceship with the Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit, which means it will be able to pull from the same underlying technology and worldwide data that lets you catch Pokemon and find special locations all over supported regions.

Rather than catching and battling cute little monsters, Transformers: Heavy Metal will let players aid the Autobot war effort by joining the Guardian Network. As you explore the real world you'll find hidden game regions full of resources, and you'll face down Decepticons in turn-based battles either on your own or in co-op with friends; the first screenshots for the game show a player paired up with Bumblebee, exploring the map with a bunch of Decepticons looming in what appears to be hostile or unexplored territory, then fighting in a boss battle against Shadow Striker.

Transformers: Heavy Metal is currently set to launch on Android and iOS later this year, with a soft launch (AKA a limited test-launch in certain parts of the world) coming "soon." You can head to the official site and sign up for the mailing list if you want to know as soon as Transformers: Heavy Metal is playable in your region.

If you'd told kid me that we'd be fighting alongside Autobots in an augmented reality on our phones… well, I probably would have asked you to help me finish transforming my brother's Slingshot before he saw I was messing with his stuff again. But after that I'd be excited.

Meanwhile, on the cinematic side of the Transformers universe, the next Transformers movie has cast Dominique Fishback as a lead in the new Transformers movie.

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