Trailer park: Stones, scams and Silk

Two new trailers arrived over the weekend, plus one that launched late on Friday that you may not have seen yet. First up is a new international trailer for Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones documentary, Shine A Light. Shoved back to a release date next year, it’s Marty’s chronicling of a special concert played by Mick Jagger and the lads in New York. And if you ever thought that shooting a live performance was just showing up with a camera and getting it all on film, this looks like it’ll really make you reconsider. Containing the enticing prospect of Jagger bursting into flames, Spinal Tap-style thanks to a powerful light, the trailer can be found on the doc’s Spanish site here . Toggle “trailer” and also “Musica Off” so you don’t get the site’s music playing over the footage.

Second is Woody Allen’s latest British-set drama Cassandra’s Dream, and finds Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell as brothers bogged down in debt and getting caught up in some dodgy dealings courtesy of Tom Wilkinson. It also sounds like McGregor and Farrell have been watching The Fast Show’s “cockney” sketch a little too much. Watch the accents, there, boys. You can find it here .

Finally, the lush, “painterly” (which means the film will delight those who love plots moving as slow as treacle) Silk from director Francois Girard, which sees Michael Pitt’s trader leaving love Keira Knightley to travel to Japan to negotiate a deal for sought-after silkworm eggs. Naturally nothing truly goes to plan, particularly when he meets a beauteous Japanese lady. That trailer is here .

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