Enormous new Lego Lord of the Rings set is giving me goosebumps

Lego Barad-dûr being built on a table, by a man in a green jumper
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The next Lego Lord of the Rings set has been revealed, and it looks like we're taking the hobbits to Isengard Mordor. 

Barad-dûr, the lair of series big-bad Sauron (you know, the tower with a flaming eye casually stuck to its roof) has been given an impressive makeover. Comprising over 5,000 pieces, this Lego Lord of the Rings set rises to 32.5 inches (83cm) tall and comes with 10 minifigures in total – including the Dark Lord himself. Oh, and that flaming eye sitting pretty at the top? It lights up.

Lego Barad-dûr will be available from June 1 if you're a Lego Insider or June 4 if you're not part of the free membership. The kit, which is exclusive to the Lego store, will set you back $459.99 or £399.99 at Lego UK. So long as you buy between June 1-7, you'll also get a free Fell Beast (those dragons the Ringwraiths flew) with a Nazgul rider.

You can't actually purchase this new Lord of the Rings Lego set yet, so we may need to wait until June to get our grubby mitts on this companion to Rivendell – a kit we'd argue is still one of the best Lego sets. However, to pass the time, you'll find all the details we have on Lego Barad-dûr below.

Lego Barad-dûr 

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Price$459.99 / £399.99
Product number10333
Release dateJune 4 (June 1 for Lego Insiders)

Thanks to how vertical it is, this kit is even more impressive than the last Lord of the Rings set – Lego Rivendell. While Barad-dûr doesn't have quite as many pieces (it has just over 5K compared to Rivendell's 6,167), it's every bit as attention-grabbing thanks to the spiky central spire that'll dominate any space it's in. Indeed, the tower can be stacked even higher if you use multiple sets (thanks, Jay's Brick Blog). 

Rather than being an enclosed building, Barad-dûr is a facade; flip it around and you'll see numerous chambers scaling its length, from an orcish mess hall to a torture chamber featuring a skeleton hanging from a cage. There's even an automated gate and light-up Eye of Sauron for added brownie points. If Rivendell was anything to go by, there should be plenty of hidden secrets too. 

To round all this out, the set comes with 10 minifigs; Frodo, Sam, Gollum, the Mouth of Sauron (someone from the extended editions with a literal and figurative big mouth), Gothmog from Return of the King, a handful of orcs, and the Dark Lord Sauron himself… pre 'oops-I-became-a-flaming-eye-cos-someone-stole-me-ring' phase.

Seeing as this is the second of Lego's new Lord of the Rings sets, I can't help but wonder what we might get next. Helm's Deep, that castle from the Two Towers? The multi-level city of Minis Tirith from Return of the King? Personally, I hope we end up with Bag End at some point. 

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