Toy Story 4's second trailer has Keanu Reeves as a Canadian stunt motorcyclist and "the ol' plush rush"

Toy Story 4's second and final trailer has arrived and it's your introduction to the wonder that is Canada's greatest stuntman and the horror that is a post-cat-attack plush toy. That said, this new teaser doesn't prominently feature floppy blank-faced ventriloquist dummies chasing Woody around, so it's never going to be as scary as the first Toy Story 4 trailer.

Most of the horror is lodged firmly within the mind of Forky, the spork (not fork) who was brought to life as a craft-project toy by Woody and the gang's new owner Bonnie. With a couple of googly eyes and some pipe cleaners, Forky went from plastic cutlery to self-aware creation, and his quest for self-discovery will cause some trouble (and perhaps some introspection) for the rest of the toys.

There's also the debut of Duke Kaboom, Canada's greatest stuntman, as voiced by Keanu Reeves. The trailer doesn't get into whether Duke Kaboom is based on a real person in Toy Story's world, but that could lead to an even weirder identity crisis than the one poor Buzz suffered when he realized he wasn't the one and only Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. All of this isn't even considering the fact that Kaboom is clearly a parody of Evel Knievel, America's greatest stuntman, adding even more proverbial sour cream to the seven-layer identity dip. Man, these trailers are prompting way more existential thought than I was expecting…

Toy Story 4 will hit theaters on June 21 and hopefully work all of these questions out by the end. Failing that, there's always the ol' plush rush.

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