Toy Story 4's first full trailer introduces an existential spork and horrifying ventriloquist dummies

After the emotional gauntlet of Toy Story 3's passing the light-up plastic torch story, you may not feel ready for the Toy Story 4 trailer. Don't worry, your first extended look at the continued adventures of Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang isn't nearly so tear-jerking. Not even the part where Woody reunites with his lost love Bo Peep, who has been doing quite well for herself thankyouverymuch since she disappeared sometime between Toy Story 2 and 3.

As it moves from an RV road trip to a toy-occupied antique store, the trailer circles around the philosophical question at the heart of Toy Story 4: what does it mean to be a toy? Especially when you're made from a spork, some pipe cleaners, and a mismatched set of googly eyes. Or when you're a porcelain antique who has been living apart from "your" kid for years now. See the existential angst on Forky's, um, face in this new Toy Story 4 poster?

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Aside from the heavy stuff, the trailer also teases the mix of action, comedy, and yes, even a bit of horror you've come to expect from the Toy Story series. For at least the next few weeks I'm probably gonna keep seeing those ventriloquist dummies all shuffling after me, mouths agape, whenever I try to sleep.

They might be worse than that poor Spider-Baby creature from the original Toy Story. At least you felt bad for that thing. Toy Story 4 will hit theaters on June 21 and I will not feel even a little bit ashamed for covering my eyes whenever the dummies are on screen.

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