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Top 10 Grand Theft Auto secrets

Hit or myth?
Not even GTA has quite as many crazy details as some of its players would insist. What other game has its own urban myths?

The yeti
Rumours of a Yeti in the admittedly overgrown and creepy badlands of San Andreas are persistent... but wrong. MYTH.

The man in concrete shoes
So hard to find that for a long time we simply didn’t believe it ourselves, Vice City’s near-mythical Mob-victims - feet encased in concrete, sent to sleep with the fishes - actually do exist. Result. HIT.

The ghost of CJ’s mom
Many claim to have witnessed a shadowy figure on the stairs at CJ’s Los Santos family home, and believe it to be the shade of our hero’s deceased mother.
Unfortunately, these many are charlatans, madmen and liars. MYTH.

Flying saucers from outer space
Area 69, the spacey ramblings of The Truth and the wild spaces of the San Andreas deserts - complete with Lil Probe Inn and saucer-shaped sign - has led to reports of ‘lights in the sky’ and even abductions. Fictional reports. MYTH.

Carcer City
The setting for Manhunt has long been connected with GTA, not least because Rockstar has been throwing little references in since GTA III. But, while Carcer exists in the same ‘universe’ as Liberty, Vice et al, that’s it. MYTH.

Ghost cars in the Back O’ Beyond
Chrome barges from the 50s - not unlike Stephen King’s famous haunted car Christine - starting themselves up and driving off? Yes... and no. They do spawn in the hills, but only roll down them due to gravity. No ghosts. MYTH.

Jimmy Hoffa in a bridge
So famous US labor leader Hoffa - who ‘failed to turn up’ to a meeting with two mafia men in 1975, and has never been seen since - is in the western Prawn Island bridge, is he? No. MYTH.

The mysterious fighter plane crashes
A vintage single-seater fighter drones into sight, fresh from the Bermuda Triangle, and promptly crashes and explodes right near San Andreas’s CJ.
Oddly, though rare, this does actually happen! HIT.

Apr 28, 2008