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Top 10 Grand Theft Auto secrets

4) Easter egg

In a skyscraper, Downtown Vice City

Much has been made of the various jokes, items and tableaux Rockstar likes to squirrel away, and such things are known as Easter Eggs - after the real-life hidden egg hunts of Easter, presumably. So for Vice City, some Rockstar wit created the primal, the most fundamental Easter Egg possible - an egg. With Happy Easter written on it. The wilting sarcasm! To see it, steal a chopper and land on the VCN helipad in Downtown. Jump at the skyscraper window closest to the corner of the pad - you’ll go right through, into this little room. Ace.

3) ‘THAT’ Butchers

Near Cluckin’ Bell in Little Havana, Vice City

Yes, we’re back near Romero’s funeral parlor, and yes, those are human body parts in the window. Brains, kidneys, livers… there’s even a whole arm - complete with surprisingly clean shirt sleeve - lined up in the display. And as if that wasn’t enough proof, there’s a donor transport box with ‘Human Organ’ written on it opened at the front. Is this not enough for Vice City’s police to at least check out? Shouldn’t they be out catching real criminals, rather than harassing innocent motorists for speeding during a drive-by in a stolen car?

2) The lost alley

Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City

This sign is in a very hard-to-get-to alleyway in Liberty City, but it’s only like this in the PS2 version of Liberty City Stories - it’s a running joke. The original sign, in GTA III, said ‘You weren’t supposed to be able to get here, you know,’ while the PSP version of LCS bore the legend ‘You just can’t get enough of this alleyway, can you?!’ To witness it yourself, take a van to the car park in Bedford Point on the second island (near the big church and Donald Love’s building) and use it to climb over the back wall, near the green dumpsters.

1) Ghost town

In the sea behind the Cochrane Dam in GTA III

Thought this was a myth? It’s not surprising if you did, as finding it is hard simply because flying the Dodo is hard - and that’s (almost) the only way to visit. Take off heading out to sea and bank right around the cliffs. You can’t land, however. It’s not solid. What is it? Not Carcer City, as some claim, but simply the ‘set’ from the bank job that opens the game. And you thought Hot Coffee was the first time Rockstar left something in… and the other way to visit? PC players can always try the Bridge to Ghost Town mod, which makes it pretty simple.