Top 10 Grand Theft Auto secrets

It wasn’t easy compiling this list. There are just so many tiny brilliant things lurking the various cities of Grand Theft Auto - everything from tombstones that glow at night to a ‘Locals Only’ shop to Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP bike to the actual meaning of ‘burger shot’ to ridiculous posters for the Wizard of Ass - and there’s no telling which you might have seen, and which you may remain blissfully unaware of. So some of these you’ll have stumbled upon already, some will be new, and every one of them is a tiny vital fiber in the colossal overall weave that is Grand Theft Auto.

10) Body Bags

El Castillo del Diablo, Bone County, San Andreas

San Andreas may be a harsh and grizzly place, but it’s a bit of a shock to find you’re not the only reason. Somebody is up to very bad things, and using a cave tucked away in the desert to dump the remains - in a pile of horribly stiff body bags. Oddly, the serial killer’s truck is still there too, parked right where the bodies were presumably slung from its bed. You can find this worrying little scene directly south of the western end of the desert airstrip, in the rock formation shaped (on the map) like a near perfect circle.

9) Statue of Lewdity

Inside the Atrium in Commerce, San Andreas

Rockstar is hardly above using sexual innuendo for a cheap laugh, but this is - literally - a monument to it. The grand central space of this shopping mall features a broken statue that’s still quite clearly… enjoying himself, shall we say. What really lifts it above a simple knob gag is that it’s surrounded by other statues in states of obvious horror; certainly an odd tableaux to come across. So to speak. Even so, it’s quite easy to miss the first time due to the furious gun battle you get into with the Russian Mafia (Big Smoke’s mission "Just Business").

8) Taste the cock

On the uniforms in any Cluckin’ Bell restaurant

And you thought ‘finger lickin’ chicken’ was bad… there are many, many jokes about cocks in Grand Theft Auto, but this is perhaps the best in a really blatant, ‘My God, I can’t believe they got away with that!’ kind of way. At least one barrel short of a double entendre, it nevertheless makes a kind of sense in context. Taking a look for yourself is an even better reason to hop over the counter than robbery. Also, you can feel a bit better knowing that the employee will probably thank you for shooting him dead and putting him out of his misery.