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Top 10 Grand Theft Auto secrets

7) Police brutality

In the back of Pershing Square police station, San Andreas

The forces of law and order in GTA are keen - perhaps overzealous is more the word. Police brutality has always been hinted at (helicopter gunners occasionally shout “I’m gonna kill you!” only to be chastised by their pilots as early as GTA III), but in San Andreas it’s explicit. Still hidden away, mind, a guilty little secret - take a look in the car pound below the police station and you’ll find two cops beating Rodney Ki... a suspect. They scatter when you arrive, but you saw them, right? Be aware just going in gives you a wanted rating.

6) Blue Hotel

The Washington Beach area of Vice City

As day turns to night, the guests in this hotel innocently switch their lights on… and make the shape of a giant bits-and-pieces in the process. OK, it’s not there all the time - the shapes cycle through various less rude-looking ones - but it’s certainly there often enough. Sometimes it’s even there when the rooftop fountain spurts its quarter-hourly load into the cool night air, and if that looks even more suspicious, well, that’s just coincidence. Surely. Head in by air over Starfish Island and you’re sure to spot it.

5) Dead funny

Romero Funerals, Little Havana, Vice City

See this? Despite some very stiff competition, this is the most pun-laden sign ever to appear in Grand Theft Auto. This spot in Little Havana - worryingly close to the Cluckin’ Bell and really suspiciously close to the butcher’s shop at number three in this list - is apparently the ‘dead centre of Vice City,’ and the funeral parlour is a place where ‘it’s always a good mouring’. What’s more, you ‘won’t bereave’ their prices and they ‘really dig graves’… that’s right, it’s the most pun-tastic sign there is, and not a willy gag in sight. Good work, Rockstar!