Tomb Raider: Underworld - Full Walkthrough

Chapter 5 | Jan Mayen Island

Game section: Gate Of The Dead

- Drive down the icy passage to the cut-scene.

- Continue down further on a spiralling roadway avoiding thralls and gaps in the track until you reach the bottom and a cut-scene. THRALLS!

- In order to open the door into Valhalla you need to line up four symbols using Thor's gauntlets. They are located on each of the rings of the lofty structure in the middle of the area you are in.

- To activate the structure, find the three cogs lying on the floor nearby and slot them into the holes in its base. It will start rotating. Starting at ground level, find the symbol that lights up when you touch it and rotate the structure. When it matches up with the one on the ground a beam of light will appear in front of the door we are trying to open.

- Make your way up using the ledges and poles to three further platforms and repeat the same method until at the highest platform you have lit 4 beams of light. Return to the ground safely.

Game section: Valhalla

- It's a bit of a maze in here and dark, but this is the way to go (hope you can follow directions).

- From the entrance, head right, then through a stone arch, then immediately left, then over a ramp, then immediately left again, then over a ramp and through an arch.

- If you've gone the right way you'll emerge in a chamber with a bar sticking out the wall. From underneath the bar looking ahead from where you've just come you'll see a clump of rock with a gap only big enough for Lara to get through. From the same position, if you go forward there's a left turn that leads to a door with light shining through it.

- Walk towards this door and chimney jump up in a small cavity to the right. Head into the room and across the bridge.

- This long room has two levels two it with rooms on either side. Four hammers swing across the room from above. There are rooms on either side. The aim is to use get into the rooms and then use the hammers as a way of crossing the gap, slowly working your way to the far end of the room and Thor’s Hammer.

- It'll start to collapse in a dramatic fashion so be ready to jump for the ledge opposite you as soon as it falls. It's difficult to give exact instructions here, but follow the obvious ledges and beams until you find yourself back on a walkway above. You'll be below left from where you entered, looking down the hall with the hammers swinging across it.

- Your destination is the first door on right-hand side of the room. To get there use the pillar to your right if you are facing down the room with the hammers swinging perpendicular to you. Use the ledges to drop to a beam and then more beams and ledges to pull up on the platform opposite the doorway.

- Head straight into the doorway to find a room full of cogs and two stone weights moving up and down. Run over to the weights and jump on one using the handhold.

- When it's at its highest point jump backwards and you'll be on a pole attached to the cogs. When they are at their highest point grab the chain above and shimmy along to the platform opposite.

- Use the bars to avoid the cogs and you'll notice the hammer coming right at you. This is your ride. When you are on the last bar wait for it to get close and then jump on to it using the handhold.

- You'll fly across, so while in mid-air shimmy around onto the right hand-side of the hammer and when it hits the other side jump off onto the ledge on the wall. Shimmy along this as far as you can and then jump onto a ledge where one of the other giant hammers is stuck. Jump inside the passage behind it.

- Avoid the rollers by jumping and rolling and you'll come out in a room identical to the one you just left - cogs and stone weights, only something is broken here as the mechanism isn't working. Take the left chain and shimmy across to drop down onto a bar attached to the cogs. Swing across to grab the left hand weight and it will slide you to the floor.

- Pull out the block obstructing one of the cogs and then use it to jump back on to one of the stone weights to exit the way you came in. Once up in the passage again use the same method of jumping onto the right hand side of the swinging hammer and leaping to the ledge on the other side to enter a new room. This room contains that deadly blue water in the bottom.

- Easy peasy this. Just grapple down from the ledge and than wall run to grab the ledge on the right. Work your way round the ledges until you get to the platform and pick up the treasure then jump down and exit out of the lower door. You'll be on the platform under the second hammer (you just took a ride on it).

- On the platform, standing in front of the exit, walk to the edge straight ahead and jump to the ledge below diagonally left. Follow the ledges and beams around (used to this yet?) to land on a pillar. Use the two tiny platforms to skip across to the last ledge and then chimney jump onto a platform above. Deal with one of those thrall things and then use the grapple point to jump across to a ledge and then jump onto the next platform ahead and in through the door under the final hammer and you'll trigger a cut-scene. (And the game's first 'boss battle').

- He's easy to kill though as he's so slow. Run round in circles with your guns locked on (L2) and just keep pumping the triggers away. He'll be down in no time.

- Now use a chimney jump to get on the right hand stone weight and make your way on to the chain. It's going backwards this time though so you need to hammer the triangle button to pull your self across.

- Evade the rollers in the passage and jump onto the final hammer, drop down onto the platform below as the hammer passes over it and head on up the steps (Quick! The floor caves in) and retrieve Thor's Hammer to complete the set of Thor accessories. You are now hard as nails.


Game section: Andaman Sea

- You'll find yourself on a boat in the middle of a storm.

- The aim is to fight your way across the deck, killing goons until you reach an entrance at the far end of the boat. (The same as the last time you did this basically).

- To get up to the bridge, use the containers. You have no health at this point, but you do have Thor's hammer which you can use to smack enemies over like skittles.

- Just select it with right on the d-pad and then use R2 (or L2 and triangle). It’s lethal. Once inside the boat work your way to the below-deck area until you find the angel in a jar and a cut-scene.

Game section: Arctic Sea

- You'll be in the icy Arctic Sea. Swim down and find a large structure on the seabed, it's a temple with a path up to it guarded by huge stone statues with swords (the entrance to Helheim to be precise).

- Swim to the end where the bulk of the structure is and search for a door into it. Near the door pick up the red object. (This is the first of four Helheim Power Stones, needed to open the drawbridge.) As you face the structure it's on the high left.

- Swim through the door, pick up another stone and then straight ahead and up through a gap in the ceiling. You'll emerge in a room out of the water, use the beams and stone ladder to climb up and retrieve another stone.

- Head back out in front of the structure and swim to an identical door on the right hand side of it. Swim through and straight up to enter a dry chamber and use the beams and ledges to get to the top and find another stone.

- Swim to the base of the first statue in front of the temple structure (the one opposite the broken one) and find two cogs which Lara can lift using Thor's gauntlets.

- Place the two cogs in their slots on the side of the statue and then go to behind its head to operate a lever which will raise his sword, freeing a chain blow. You need to do this with the two other remaining statues that have swords obstructing the chain.

- In the one on the left (as you face the temple structure, furthest away) you'll find another Power Stone. You should now have four. Now we can open the Helheim Drawbridge.

- Swim up to the central door to the temple and in front of the blocked door is the lever to operate the drawbridge. Try and pull it and it will show you the tombstone-like containers for the Power Stones. There are two to the left and two to the right, so go and use the stones now and when done, pull the lever for a cut-scene.

- Swim down and in the door and then through the gap in the rubble. Keep swimming up through the corridors until you reach a large churchlike room with a glowing red area where an altar would be. It’s flooded with the nasty blue stuff.


- First, kill all the ghoulies easily with your hammer. Then make your way across the platforms to the pillar at the far right end nearest the glowing area - you'll see it has a symbol on it. Use Thor's gauntlet to turn it blue and then head across to the pillar that's sticking out of the water at a low angle on the left hand side of the raised altar area. Use this and a ledge to get up and approach the altar area.


Game section: Yggdrasil

- Head down the steps and follow the obvious path, down the red symbol-lined corridor. Kill all the Thrall with the hammer and keep walking on as they seem to just respawn. Approach the figure at the end of the corridor.

- Cut-scene.

- Continue down the corridor and kill a few more Thralls. Make sure you avoid the slope into the blue toxic liquid with a quick jump. Head into a new large open area and watch the cut-scene.

Game section: Out of Time

- You'll be faced by a large central column with fixed and rotating platforms on three separate levels. The aim is to destroy the three buttresses that lean against the center column. Look at them now so you know what you’re working with.

- This is achieved by using Thor's gauntlets to push the core of each of the buttress supports backwards to weaken them.

- There are three buttresses to deal with and you'll find the areas that Lara needs to push marked by the usual symbol. Her hands will glow blue and then use triangle to push them inwards.

- These buttons are spread between each of the three levels directly under the buttresses. There are multiple ways to achieve this goal so we can't give exact advice but here are a few pointers that we would have found useful (these apply to the whole level).

- Once you've pushed all the supports back you need to start moving upwards. The lowest buttress is dealt with first by climbing up the side and the back of it and then using Thor's hammer. Now hit the blue symbol for a brief cut-scene.

- To progress further upwards, find the grapple point that's used to cross the gap on the level you entered and use that to access a ledge. Then jump across to one of the higher floating platforms and use it to get across to the next highest buttress and use the hammer on it. A cut-scene will follow.

- From here jump on to the floating platforms and make your away across to the rotating part of the central column.

- Work your way up the ledges - avoiding a firebolt by timing your jump upward -and then slide down the final buttress to the bottom and use the hammer on it.

Final cut-scene.