Tomb Raider: Underworld - Full Walkthrough

Chapter 2 | Coastal Thailand

Game section: Remnants

- You'll be on the edge of the boat.

- Swim across to the obvious ledge visible from the back of the boat.

- Take a path round to the left of the climbing wall.

- Jump and shimmy onto a set of ruins in a kind of arch and then jump backwards to another ledge. Shimmy round the corner and then pull yourself up on to the ledge. Lara will stand up revealing another ledge opposite which she can jump to. You’ll be at some steps.

- Look out for the spiders which can be stamped on using triangle. Head up and round the corner to the slope, facing the sea. Slide and jump onto the bar. Use it to get across to the steps opposite and above. (If you mess this up and find yourself hanging off the bottom of the slope use the ledge under the bar to get up).

- Head onto the outcrop to find the ledges on the wall to the left facing the sea again. Follow them to the top. Careful. You don't want to fall down now.

- Follow the obvious path through the foliage and use the grappling hook to get across the gap. When you get to the ruin go left and use the chimney jump method followed by more obvious ledges to reach the top of the structure.

- You'll emerge facing a temple across a ravine filled with pillars. Use the ledges and bars to make your way down safely to an area underneath the entrance at ground level. You'll be accosted by tigers as you walk into the jungle below so shoot them.

- Head to the unexplored set of pillars round the corner and climb onto the beam that runs between two of them. Keep jumping ledges, using the chimney jump again when you reach a high ledge. Cross the last high beam and use the pillar to get across to the temple steps ahead.

- Head left to the ledges under the fallen branch. Shimmy round to the entrance to the temple you saw earlier and deal with three tigers before heading into the temple.

- Follow the passage; negotiate more ledges, beams and spiders and then head down into a lower area with a series of beams above in a corridor with red pillars. Climb the first ledge using the rubble as a step and wall jump onto the first beam. Balance and jump between these to continue to reach a set of steps that that lead outside.


Game section: Bhogavati (Shiva puzzle)

- You'll be faced with a huge statue of Shiva and his wife. Note the lever to your left. Pull it and nothing happens because the mechanism is being obstructed. Lara has to free both pulleys.

(Left pulley)

- Head left to find a huge lizard and crouch down to access a ledge under a large plant. Descend using the climbing wall below.

- Go left and find the ledge near the edge of the big drop and use it to make a leap onto the ledge on the underside of the structure that the mechanism is on top of. Use the climbing wall all the way round until you can go no further. Pull yourself up onto a ledge and then chimney jump up to the platform. Use the grappling hook to pull out the silver ring and make your way back to the lever where you started.

(Right pulley)

- Head right and then down under a beam and drop down to a set of pillars to find a pole. Insert it into the pillar nearest the stone statues.

- Press X and pull yourself onto it and the quickly jump again to reach the ledge opposite. Use the next pillar to get to the wall and then head up using ledge and climbing wall.

- Use the two pillar tops to get to the beam attached to the pillar you stuck the pole into and then drop down to the ledge and shimmy round so you can jump up to the ledge to continue to a platform. On your immediate left pull out the bar in a rope contraption to free it. Head back to the lever.

- When both pulleys are free pull the lever and be ready to press square to grapple when the area you are on crashes to the floor. At the base of the temple where you end up shoot the lizards.

- Ignore the statue and movable pillars for now and head down either set of steps behind you. You'll find a hole with a grapple point between two statues at the bottom. Head down the hole on your rope. Cut-scene.

- Facing the Iron Gate find the first ledge and pull yourself onto it, then jump behind to a ledge on the opposite wall. Use a combination of ledge shimmying and beam walking to make your way between the walls to the top of the wall that has the gate set in it. Drop down to progress using the ledges and then head outside.

A brief cut-scene will show you two entrances. Heading down either set of steps you'll get ambushed by lizards. The easiest way to deal with them is to run backwards up the steps and shoot down at them.

- In this area the aim is to get two lenses hidden on platforms on the high right and left of you as you stand at the exit facing outwards. You can get them in either order.

(Right lens)

- Near the top of the set of steps to the right of the entrance you exited look up to see a pillar. Head up to it using the climbing wall, a beam and a few ledges to reach the top and then jump across to collect the lens. This will open a gate below shown in a cut-scene. You can use the grappling point to get back to ground level quickly.

(Left lens)

- Head to the far left corner and use the climbing wall to head upwards and around to the right.

- Jump onto the platform and head round to the end where you can chimney jump up to a ledge and pull yourself up on to it. Jump to the ledge in front of you.

- Walk across to the ledge and drop down and shimmy across and then pull up. Continue up the pillar to the top and then use the grappling point to reach the lens. Use the grappling point where you find the lens to abseil down to the bottom and head across to the right hand platform via the same route.

- Using the grapple point abseil down to the exit just below and head through the passage.

- There's only one path so use the grapple hook and then the ledges and poles to proceed over large gaps finishing with one last grapple hook to the bottom of the steps out. You'll emerge in a courtyard where a tiger will try to savage you.

- You want to head up the central 'pillar' structure that's in the sun. Do this following the obvious ledges and pillar tops culminating in a chimney jump near a cluster of fungi when you run out of ledges. You'll be on a platform.

- Now for a real test of skill. Drop down and follow the ledge round and then jump to a beam. Walk to the end and then use the pillar top to get to the ledge on the beam.

- Work your way round and down to a pole and use that to get across to the next ledge. Now head up and let Lara pull herself onto the ledge. She can't chimney jump here because of the lack of wall in front of her so you need to jump up to the ledge above from standing. Done it? Now you’re out and on another high-up ledge and, phew, a checkpoint!

- Head across the gap by jumping to the ledge and follow it round to pull up by a set of red pillars. More climbing. Use the ledge on the far wall to get onto a beam. As you do this you'll get attacked by bats so it's better to be hanging at this point.

- Cross it and then use the ledges and a pillar top to reach the last red pillar. Shimmy round the top of it and then down onto the beam before a final leap onto the temple entrance ahead.

- Follow the passage round to the series of poles and jump to the ledge to the left at a slight angle. Follow the obvious path to the end. As you exit the chamber, watch out for another lizard attack.

- You'll find yourself back in the original Shiva area only now you are on the high left hand side of the temple.

- Stand on the lift-like platform you'll find and Shiva's arm will drop down. Run round to it and place one of the lenses into the hole. Head back to the lift and jump on the other one to reset the hand and line up the lens. Ooooh pretty.

- To complete the effect you need to get to the other side. Pull down the obvious grapple point using square and abseil down. Now use the other point opposite to get up to the other side.

- You'll notice on this side the lift arrangement is missing one platform. Go down and pull that metal box as close as you can to the edge of the lift platform; you're going to have to wedge it underneath there in a minute as quickly as possible to prevent it falling down.

- Head behind the statue the lift platform is attached to and use a ledge to jump across three poles. On the last one Lara's weigh triggers the mechanism so hop down ASAP and wedge the box underneath while you can to stop it falling down again. Now run round, use the second lens on the Shiva statue and then pull the box out so the Shiva arm swings into position providing a second beam of light.

- Use the grapple point to get down to the base of the temple.

- Move the statues around on their tracks so that both the fans are on the outside of the circle, then push them into the light beams so they reflect into the Shiva. It's obvious when this is done. Watch the cut-scene and proceed.

Game section: The Ancient World

- Jump down the big hole by pressing circle on the edge nearest as you approach.

- Hit triangle quickly, then when Lara is steady drop her to the next ledge. As you drop again, quickly tap square to grapple onto a hook or you'll die. Be careful you are low enough before disengaging as it's higher than it looks. Approach the door with the skull on it and watch the cut-scene.

- Use Thor's glove on the door and push left or right to slide it open and enter a large high-ceilinged room with a tree in the middle on a platform.

- Walk onto it and watch the cut-scene.

- Now you have the power of Thor's gauntlet you can move heavy things. Lara needs to do this to move the bridge round to the exit.

- Climb down the back of the platform and use the gauntlet to move the structure as far right as possible.

- Now head left round the other side of the central column, jumping the gap and then using the grapple wall run to get onto the ledge on the far wall where the bridge has moved to.

- Now use the gauntlet again and move the bridge a bit (pulling) so there's a gap allowing you to get on the other side of it so you can push it instead. This is important.

- Push it as far as it will go and now grapple/wall run back to the middle platform and push it the rest of the way until the cut-scene kicks in. Climb up to the exit and continue.

Game section: Puppet No Longer

- Wall run and then jump backwards to get to the opposite platform across the water. Use the ledge to jump to a pole on a slide that operates as a switch, opening a stone gate under the water. Get underwater and swim through it. When you reach what looks like a dead end find the lever on the wall and it will open onto the sea and the level ending.