Tomb Raider: Underworld - Full Walkthrough

Chapter 3 | Croft Manor

Game section: Protected By The Dead

- Follow the passage round using the pillar to enter a large room with scaffolding in front of you. As you face the room from where you entered you need to head right, using the scaffolding in the corner to reach the higher level passage.

- Time for a puzzle. First up head along the passage you are now in and drop down into a room behind the one you originally entered, separated by railings.

- You'll notice some switches (put your torch on dammit) on a statued column and a wind-up switch with a handle on the floor in front of it. Leave them for now.

(Reflection puzzle)

- There are two ways of doing this puzzle both with the same technique and result, just different paths. This is how we did it.

- Run round through the door to the right if Lara is facing the wall with the railings and the stained glass window behind. In that passage she'll find a box.

- Put this on the floor operated switch at the far end of the passage in front of an iron gate.

- Head back down the short passage and up some steps to find another box.

- Carry this round to the same place and put it on the switch with the other box. Now the gate is open chuck the first box through the open gate using R1. It will stay open because of Lara's weight and the other box. Now throw the second one through and just as it lands jump roll through the gate before it shuts.

- Now use the two boxes on the other floor switch in the room you are now in. A short cut-scene will show the room behind lighting up and a little flame will start burning behind you.

- The gate you jumped through is now open so run to the back room with the switches again and head to the set of four wall switches on the central column.

- As you pull one the camera will show you what it does - it rotates a wooden cut-out above that casts a shadow on the stained glass window. All you have to do is keep hitting each switch in sequence to move them around till the shapes are focussed on the correct shape on the window.

- This done you can now open the big door between the two windows by winding the floor mounted switch in front of it. It's on a timer though so once it's fully opened act quick: Run up the stairs and jump up onto the broken pillar to your left. Now use the grapple point in the vaulted ceiling to jump across to the closing doors and squeeze through the gap to emerge on some stairs.


- Exiting this room is a right pain the ass if you don't know how. Pull the glowing pillar with the Thor gauntlet as far round the desk in the middle of the room as it will go. It'll be near a higher pillar you can now climb to. If you are in the right place you'll now be able to reach a beam that looks like a bit of broken stone balustrade.

- Shimmy along and around to the other pillar until you are facing another ledge on the next pillar. Jump across to it and shimmy round so you can jump to the exit. That should have solved you at least 15 minutes of faffing about.

- Follow the long mine shaft passage to a locked door. Pull the switch and... you're back to the 'escape the burning house' section from the start of the game. We shouldn't need to tell you how to do this now so we'll see you in a minute.

- After the cut-scenes, to get into the control room head left from the door to the glass fronted area as you face it and find a ledge on a pillar. Scale it to the top and then jump down. Run towards the control room and you'll see a pole. Jump to it, pull your self up on to it and then over the top of the glass wall to drop down into the room.

Lengthy cut-scene.