Tom Holland made a Spidey group chat with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield

Spider-Man: No Way Home
(Image credit: Sony/Marvel)

Tom Holland says he established a Spidey group chat where he can text with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

In a new interview with BBC Radio 1, Holland shared how much he values being able to chat with the only other actors to have played Spider-Man on the big screen. Apparently, he once bumped into both Maguire and Garfield at separate parties within a time span of about 20 minutes, and the trio has since become tighter. Holland even admitted to starting up a group chat with the two actors, though he reckoned he's the only active member.

"We actually do have a Whatsapp group, yeah," Holland revealed. Initially, the actor said he couldn't remember how it was set up, but it eventually came to him. "We bumped into Tobey at a Japanese restaurant a while ago and I took his number and then I just, I think, yeah I set it up," he confessed. "I was like, 'Guys, listen, we can't all share each others' numbers and not have a group chat.'" Interesting... 

All eyes are on Holland to slip up and reveal that Maguire and Garfield really are in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and so far he's remained steadfast in his denial, but this is certainly curious timing on his part revealing the group chat just before the movie premieres. We already know the movie brings in a bunch of characters from older Spidey movies and other Marvel series, but we've yet to see confirmation that Maguire and Garfield appear.

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