The Uncharted movie is not shooting just yet, but the team is "hoping to start soon"

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Tom Holland has teased his role in the upcoming The Uncharted movie

Holland shared a shot of his cast chair, appropriately labelled Nate in red Naughty Dog-esque font, complete with the caption "day one." You don't need to be a globe-trotting history sleuth to figure out this puzzle: Holland's on set of the Uncharted movie. However, filming of the video-game adaptation has not yet begun. 

In an email to GamesRadar, Sony Pictures Entertainment clarified that shooting on the Uncharted movie hasn't started yet, contrary to what Holland's excited Instagram post may imply. However, the crew are now prepping and "hoping to start [shooting] soon". 

Day one #uncharted Tom Holland

A photo posted by @tomholland2013 on Jul 15, 2020 at 12:59am PDT

If you've followed this particular saga, you'll know that any forward progress from the Uncharted film is nothing short of a miracle. The movie has had a staggering six directors come and go – most recently Bumblebee director Travis Knight, who left in December 2019 – and has been regularly delayed for over a decade. Hell, it'll be old enough to get a US driver's license pretty soon. The events of 2020 threw a monkey wrench in all manner of film projects, and Uncharted was no exception; it was originally supposed to start filming this past March. 

Ruben Fleischer – best known for Zombieland and Venom – is directing the movie, while Mark Wahlberg is playing the older sidekick Sully and Antonio Banderas has an unknown role. Holland also posted an image earlier in the week of himself preparing to return to filming in Berlin, so the latest news is unexpected but still delightful. After all that, a photo from the set of the movie is a refreshing reminder that it actually exists, even if it is just a chair. 

Despite the movie's development troubles, there are still plenty of reasons to look forward to it. Uncharted is a natural fit for the big screen, and Holland previously said that the film's prequel story has "one of the best scripts I've ever read." 

The Uncharted movie is currently scheduled to release in July 2021, though that could easily change. Even if 2020 hadn't been a global disaster, the future of the film would've been dicey. But hey, we've got a picture of a chair now. That's something. 

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