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Tina Fey in talks to star in Muppets sequel

The Muppets sequel looks to have lined up some A-list comedy foil for leading man Ricky Gervais, with Tina Fey reportedly in talks to join the furry fun.

Gervais and Fey have worked together on the past, with the 30 Rock star appearing opposite Gervais on his 2009 film, The Invention Of Lying .

The film will take the form of a classic Muppets caper, and will lead them all across Europe, with Fey reportedly set to play a prison guard in a Russian gulag.

With Ty Burrell was also recently added as an Interpol inspector, it sounds as though the Muppets will be getting themselves in trouble with the law during their jaunt overseas.

Directed once again by James Bobin from a script co-written with Nicholas Stoller, The Muppets 2 is expected to arrive at the end of this year.

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