This Age Of Ultron deleted scene will service all your Chris Hemsworth topless and tensing needs

When you’ve got as many plates to spin as Joss Whedon had with Avengers: Age Of Ultron, some parts of the story are inevitably going to get squeezed a little in order to make the final running time vaguely manageable. So it was with Thor and Selvig’s trip to the Cave of Norn, a sequence that has now been beefed up in an official deleted scene.

If the scene had felt a little rushed in the theatrical cut, it makes more sense here, as we see Thor give himself over to the cave’s mystic powers in order to find a way to defeat Ultron. Plus, he spends a bit more time with his shirt off, so there’s that…

Check it out, below…

Chris Hemsworth looks like he’s enjoying himself here, doesn’t he? Everyone enjoys playing a good possession scene… You can check out the full array of deleted scenes when the film is released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 2 2015.

George Wales

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