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3D printing is still a form of sorcery to many of us, but a massive discount on the Elegoo Saturn makes it that little bit more accessible. You can currently save $120 at Amazon via a coupon applied at checkout, bringing the cost of the resin printer down to $379.99 instead of almost $500.

So far as we can tell, that's the lowest price the Elegoo Saturn resin 3D printer has ever seen (by our reckoning, it hasn't dropped below $385.99 before). As such, you won't get a better opportunity to pick up this very respectable piece of kit.

Why do we say 'respectable'? Because we've used it ourselves for months. Although 3D printing is a tricky art we're still mastering, the Saturn itself makes the process easy. Along with a large print bed that allows you to produce larger models (the bigger the bed, the more miniatures you can fit on it), it's also able to print in 4K - which basically means your miniatures will be more detailed. That's perfect if you want minis to serve for the best tabletop RPGs, be it D&D, Pathfinder, or something else entirely.

Elegoo Saturn | $499.99 $379.99 at Amazon
Save $120 with coupon -

Elegoo Saturn | $499.99 $379.99 at Amazon
Save $120 with coupon - There are certainly fancier 3D printers out there, but we've been using this one for a while and it hasn't let us down. Because it's hit its lowest ever price, there hasn't been a better time to invest. Just remember, click the coupon box beside the price!

Naturally, you'll need some resin as well to make this thing go. Personally speaking, we'd recommend considering this water washable resin from Elegoo via Amazon. Although there are cheaper and better beginner-friendly options like the standard photopolymer resin for around $15 at Amazon, the water-washable alternative makes it easier to clean up prints; rather than needing IPA alcohol post-print, you can use plain ol' water.

There are plenty of other great 3D printers to consider, of course, and more than a few are on offer too. For example, the smaller Elegoo Mars 2 Pro is down 39% to $189.99 at Amazon instead of $310. Similarly, the slightly larger Elegoo Saturn S has seen a $55 discount via coupon at Amazon.

Still, we can speak from experience that this Elegoo option is a good all-rounder with great results. Just be sure to do lots of test pieces before hitting a full miniature, though - we say that from having way too many failed prints because our settings were wrong. Basically, download this Validation Matrix and take a look at your printer settings via the Chitubox software it comes with (you should start with a 'normal exposure' of 2.5 and a 'bottom exposure' of 30). Then print off multiple versions using different exposure times, be they higher or lower, until you find the sweet spot. Which, for reference, is when the two points of the infinity symbol touch perfectly without bleeding into each other. Generally speaking, the smaller the normal exposure and the bigger the bottom exposure, the better.

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