This PS5 Xenomorph case mod is the crossover we didn't know we needed

Alien: Isolation
(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

You can now turn your PS5 into one of the Xenomorphs from the Alien films with the help of a 3D printer.

3D printing enthusiast LanderQuest posted a free model for a Xenomorph PS5 case mod over on Thingiverse (as Reddit user Carnifex recently spotted). This is a two-part 3D print with models for the Xenomorph's upper and lower jaw. LanderQuest said they simply used tape to attach the two jaws to their PS5 – partly because the two aren't an exact fit for the console's curvature – so assembly should be easy once you print the actual components. 

PS5 case mod

(Image credit: LanderQuest via Thingiverse)

The individual models look fine, but this is one of those case mods that really comes together at the end. The black jaws protruding from the veritable walls that are the PS5 faceplates are a convincing take on one of the most iconic monsters around, and they're honestly an oddly good fit for the console's shape. 

PS5 owners have been modding their consoles for months now, and as it happens, this isn't the only piece of Alien paraphernalia around. Another Thingiverse user shared a PS5 stand mod based on the creepy crawly facehuggers from the Alien films, so if you really wanted to, you could deck your PS5 out in Alien prints from head to toe. Or, you know, you could just get a standard but unofficial black PS5 faceplate if you're looking for something a little more low profile. 

For the exact opposite of a low-profile console, have a gander at this massive $70,000 PS5 that makes the normal system look like a gameboy. 

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