A YouTuber bought the world's biggest PS5 console for $70K

ZHC stands besides his new 500lb, 10-foot PS5 console
(Image credit: ZHC / YouTube)

YouTuber ZHC is the proud owner of the world's only 10-foot high, 500-pound PS5 console. 

While some of us struggled to make room for even the typical-sized chonky machine in our media units – not to mention those struggling to get hold of a PS5 at all, thanks to shortages right across the world – ZHC might find it harder than most to locate that sweet spot for his latest acquisition; it's 10-foot tall.

ZHC went on to spend over 100 hours sprucing it up with a custom paint job. Here, take a look:

The super-sized machine cost ZHC $70,000 (that's just a smidge over £50.5k or €57.7k) and is 100 times as large as the usual model. It even came with a gigantic DualShock controller, too (thanks, GQ). 

ICYMI, black faceplates for your PS5 consoles are now on sale, but they're not being made by Sony.

If you've been looking forward to the day you can change up your console's color, you're in luck. American company dbrand has started putting its stock of PS5 'Darkplates' on sale, but the bad news is that they're about as easy to get hold of as the vanilla console itself.

As we reported earlier this week, the Darkplates are expected to ship in May, with the February, March, and April stock already selling out. And despite certain legal issues surrounding the PS5 faceplates and a patent filed by Sony, dbrand says these are are "totally legal" as they feature a "familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes".

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