This PS5 controller costs nearly as much as an Xbox Series S

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A new third-party PS5 controller has gone on sale for almost $300 - almost as much as entire game consoles.

The PS5 controller has had a bit of a makeover from HexGaming (via TheGamer), but it'll set you back $289. But why so expensive? Well, the controller comes with a bunch of fancy features you don't get on the official DualSense, likely because it's targeting the esports audience.

Firstly, the Hex Rival custom PS5 controller comes in 18 colors, some solid, some patterned, and some with accents. It has 6-in-1 interchangeable thumbsticks that can be set to 3 different heights and 2 different ergonomic thumb grip designs: Domed or concave. The description claims that you can switch the thumbsticks in seconds which would help for those wanting to shift tactics in between rounds or maybe even during a respawn.

Another nifty feature is the ability to remap buttons during a game, with a maximum of 15-buttons being available to remap. There are also rear buttons surrounding the remapping panel which has an indicator for remapping confirmations.

The adaptive triggers are also adjusted with the original seeing its trigger activated at 7mm, but the HexGaming PS5 controller activating at only 2mm. The bumpers have also been reduced in the same way for quicker activation from 1.2mm to 0.5mm. Basically, you'll definitely find the triggers to be more responsive.

For the cost, this PS5 controller does not include a cable or any additional accessories outside of the 6-in-1 interchangeable thumbsticks, user manual, and an after-sales service card. Despite that, the back does look comfy for your hands and certainly seems like a quality controller for those who like having their quality in the competitive scene.

The PS5 controller isn't the most expensive controller we've seen this week. Turtle Beach announced its upcoming flight yoke stick controller for Xbox and PC which comes in at $349.95. While that's a dedicated piece of kit aimed at hardcore simmers, however, this modified controller is available at a price not far below that of the RRP of the Xbox Series S and the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, if Sony plans to follow through with one of its patents, we could find ourselves playing games on bananas somewhere down the line.

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