Microsoft Flight Simulator yoke system from Turtle Beach will support PC and Xbox consoles

Microsoft Flight Simulator photo mode
(Image credit: Asobo Studio)

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a Yoke system for Xbox and PC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be getting a new VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System from Turtle Beach that has been revealed (via PC Gamer) for the aviation game from Asobo Studio. The fancy controller will be launching this summer sometime for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S with a price tag of $349.95.

It's certainly a lovely-looking bit of kit, featuring multiple digital screens and light-up buttons that link up to the game, a trim wheel, levers for the throttle, and 3 knobs to pull on. There's no stick, instead, there's a Yoke that's also adorned with the Xbox logo and a display that features more in-game information to save you from having to litter your screen with windows. There's also a headset jack if you want to link up a wired headset.

While pre-orders are open, there's no specific release date, although the wording on the website seems to indicate that Xbox Series X|S players will be equipped with the controls "needed to navigate the skies." We learned at E3 2021 that the game would be launching in July for the Xbox ecosystem, so we can likely say that the system will launch around then. While it boasts a range of features, the site also notes that "Some features will be enabled and expanded after launch."

Microsoft Flight Simulator already has a good deal of supported sticks, so if you're looking for something that has a stick rather than a yoke, be sure to check out the best joysticks to buy for PC. But if you're a fan of the jets and more modern planes to cruise the clouds, the yoke seems as if it would be a comfortable fit.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched in 2020, and the studio has been updating the game frequently ever since, such as adding real-time snow, or updating areas with high-quality locations. The game has also had its PC file size halved.

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