Microsoft Flight Simulator UK and Ireland update launches today

Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Microsoft Flight Simulator's world update three, featuring the United Kingdom and Ireland, is launching later today.

The new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, introducing the UK and Ireland, was announced for release earlier today. You can see the trailer below, in which the panoramic views of England, Wales, Scotland, North Ireland, and Ireland are all showcased in stunning detail.

The UK and Ireland update for Microsoft Flight Simulator firstly adds in five new cities to fly over: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, London, and Oxford. There's also five brand new airports to both land in and take off from: Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton, and Out Skerries (London Heathrow was featured in Microsoft Flight Simulator at launch last year).

"We've added compelling architectural elements throughout the region, ranging from British manors and Victorian homes to countryside stone structures, castles and churches," a blog post on from the head of the development team reads. "Also included with the update are a trio of new activities: an Iconic Flight in the Northern Isles and two diverse Landing Challenges – an epic one up north on the Shetland archipelago, and a fierce one far south in the turbulent skies over Southeast England."

If you're having any trouble downloading the update when it launches later today, or need to read up on all the best ways to prepare for world update there in Microsoft Flight Simulator, read up on the tweet thread from the game's Twitter support account just below:

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This is just the latest in a long list of post-launch updates for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Back when the game launched in September 2020, the dev team swiftly added in Japanese locations, before releasing VR support for players later in the year in December. Microsoft Flight Simulator will finally be making the jump to consoles later this year, when it comes to Xbox Series X in Summer 2021.

If you're experiencing any issues whatsoever with the incredibly detailed sim, head over to our Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 issues guide for solutions to common and complex problems.

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