Microsoft Flight Simulator adds Tokyo, Mount Fuji, and more later this month

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting an expansion based on Japan, incorporating Japanese landmarks and airports alike.

Just below, you can check out the full trailer and presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new expansion to Microsoft Flight Simulator will be launching later this month on September 29.

When it arrives, the new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to be adding a ton of new Japanese locations to the game. Locations set to be included with the update are Kushiro Airport, Matshushima Bay, Hachijo-Jima, Hakone, Yokohama, the Tower of Wind, Mount Fuji, and Tokyo itself.

This isn't the first Japan-based location to be present in the 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Tokyo's Haneda Airport is actually already available in the game, but it's the only location in the base game that's in Japan.

Hopefully none of these locations will run afoul of the in-game algorithm of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which last month managed to produce a mysteriously tall skyscraper where there should be none, through a single typo.

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