Microsoft Flight Simulator now has real-time snow

Microsoft Flight Simulator real-time snow
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator has added snow to its real-time weather system. Check out the video showing off the new weather conditions above, and read on for more.

Snow will now be a common visual feature when flying in the northern hemisphere, where it's currently wintertime. Expect gorgeous vistas of freshly powdered landscapes, frozen lakes, and icy cold oceans - the start of the trailer shows off a snowy Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany that I'd love to lock myself in and refuse to leave. There's footage of a plan soaring over white-tipped mountains and resting on a frozen lake. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator has real-time weather features based on where the player is flying, meaning that your snow should update in real time. It's an incredibly impressive system that you can adjust while you're flying, so if you're in the mood for some sunny weather you can make those clouds part, but if you want to fly over snow-covered peaks while pumping Enya, do you. Is there a Microsoft Flight Simulator ASMR channel yet?

As GamesRadar previously reported, Microsoft Flight Simulator VR launched this past December as a free update on PC that supports all OpenXR-Compliant headsets. Flying through the snowy skies over the Alps in VR certainly sounds like a great way to spend lockdown, eh? Our very own Sam Loveridge certainly thinks so. The December update also included two new training missions, an enhancement to live weather systems and an Airbus A320neo Landing Challenge Spotlight Event. 

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