This premium controller for PS4 is officially licensed and it looks pretty Elite


Update: The first Scuf Vantage controllers rolled out a few weeks ago, and some owners are reporting a number of issues with them. You can see one user-made collection of issues here; the list includes thumbsticks that lock into place when they shouldn't, an inability to charge from a PS4 in rest mode, and even trigger adjustment switches falling into the controller and ceasing to function. I've asked Scuf if it knows about the issues and how widespread they may be, and will update this story with any response.

Original story There are many PS4 controllers out there, but still no direct analog to what is probably the best (and definitely the classiest) Xbox One controller ever made. I mean, not counting that weirdly angular Elite controller for PS4 that surfaced back in 2016. Now Sony has officially licensed custom peripheral maker Scuf for… well, it's pretty much exactly an Xbox One Elite controller, but with PlayStation buttons and a few extra features.

Your eyes do not deceive you: the Scuf Vantage even tosses out the symmetrical DualShock look in favor of the staggered analog stick layout that's typical of Xbox. In fact, it also rounds out the edges and bulks out the bottom to produce an overall appearance that is very reminiscent of Microsoft's designs (while leaving a weird little circular protrusion around the buttons). It has several features that will be familiar for folks who have checked out the Elite controller as well:

  • Four removeable back paddles
  • An interchangeable set of thumbsticks with different heights and top designs
  • An interchangeable set of D-pads
  • Adjustable trigger motion
  • A dedicated switch for swapping between two pre-programmed button maps

The contents of a Scuf Vantage box.

The Scuf Vantage expands on Elite's high-end controller design a bit with some new options of its own:

  • "Sax" shoulder buttons on the side (taken together with the optional paddles, this provides up to six extra buttons for thumbs-on-stick control schemes)
  • A removable magnetic faceplate
  • Removable vibration motors to cut down on weight
  • An audio touch bar along the bottom for quickly adjusting wired headset volume

The Vantage will be available in both wired ($169.95) and wireless/wired ($199.95) variants when it arrives in late summer - only the wireless/wired version comes with a nice little carrying case, if that sways your decision - and you can pre-order it from Scuf right now. No UK availability has been announced as of yet.

On the other hand, if you still find the idea of playing PlayStation games with an Xbox-y layout unbearably perverse, there are more traditionally designed high-end options like the Scuf 4PS Pro or Razer Raiju out there. Starting to look like we'll never get one directly from Sony, though…

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