This pixel art Pokemon-like hits all the right notes, and it's out next month on PC

Two characters look out over the coast
(Image credit: Bytten Studio)

Cassette Beasts is a lo-fi take on Pokemon where you fuse with monsters to do the battling yourself, and it's coming soon. Bytten Studio reveals the open-world RPG comes to PC on April 26 and Xbox and Nintendo Switch sometime in late spring.

Cassette Beasts takes you to New Wirral with a cassette player in hand, giving the RPG some of the retro vibes it's shooting for. More than a source of 90s-era beats, the nifty doodah fuses two monsters together to create something fit for you to fight, and you'll need to capture plenty of them to in order to eventually return home.

When not committing to turn-based battles, you'll be out exploring the open world. Alongside taking in the sights, that'll involve using monster abilities to reach areas you couldn't before, solving puzzles, and locating dungeons. Much like how Ash has Brock and Misty, you'll get your own companions. There's some incentive to help them achieve their personal goals, too, as it determines how well you can fuse.

Battling is what you'd expect for a creature collector, though you've got elemental chemistry to keep in mind as it'll allow you to apply extra buffs or debuffs to your attack. It can even alter your opponent's elemental type.

Happily, you don't have to go it alone. Cassette Beasts features co-op, so you can grab a pal to explore the world and battle with.

Meanwhile, 19 years' worth of Pokemon are now trapped behind a $5 app you can no longer buy.

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