This Nintendo DS-style Palworld demake was inspired by Pokemon Black and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Pocketpair/64 Bits via YouTube
(Image credit: Pocketpair/64 Bits via YouTube)

Palworld has received the 'demake' treatment, throwing it back to the pixelated days of the Nintendo DS.

YouTuber channel 64 Bits, known for its demake efforts, has this time turned its attention to demaking Palworld in the style of old DS games, which almost makes it look even more like the Pokemon games it's constantly being compared to. You can see a complete mock-up for the Palworld demake just below, including brilliant box art, house construction, and bludgeoning Pals to death with melee weapons.

64 Bits has even nailed the more intricate aspects of Palworld, like the factory lines where you can force your Pals to toil away, day after day, and the base defense elements with gun encampments. When Palworld has become pretty synonymous with creature violence, you can't really blame 64 Bits for putting it front and centre in the demake.

In fact, this is the eleventh demake that the YouTube channel has undertaken, after projects like Warframe, Stray, Mass Effect, and more. "There is a lot of inspiration from Pokemon Ranger, Black, White, Diamond, Pearl, basically all the DS Pokemon titles. But we also looked at games like Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and even a bit of Chibi Robo Park Patrol!" the YouTube video description reads.

You might already know 64 Bits from its famed Elden Ring demake back in 2022, not long after FromSoftware's actual game first launched. Just like you're seeing here, the YouTube channel took elements of FromSoftware's game, like the brutal combat and bosses like Malenia, and turned Elden Ring into a game for the SNES. Just like Palworld's demake, I almost wish this was real.

If you're still playing Pocketpair's survival MMO, then we've got good news, because Palworld's dev recently said there are "very cool things" on the way.

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