This is the cheapest way to get the One Ring card in MTG Lord of the Rings

The One Ring lights up on red-hot ground
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Now that MTG Lord of the Rings is out, players are going wild for the One Ring. No, not the totally unique card worth $2m that was just found - rather, the standard One Ring by itself is being sold online for up to $80. However, there's just no need to pay that much for the highly sought-after card. You can get a much better deal on it elsewhere.

In essence, the One Ring card is also available with a slightly different design as part of the MTG Lord of the Rings Bundle. Although it has different artwork (which is actually part of a larger painting depicting Frodo, Sam, and Gollum battling over the artefact in Mount Doom), it's exactly the same in terms of mechanics so will still kick all kinds of butt in your Magic: The Gathering games. More importantly, it's guaranteed in the Bundle set which you can get for $66.98 at Walmart, which also includes eight separate Set Booster packs to go with a special Lord of the Rings dice as well. Because we've seen solo One Ring cards going for $80 on the likes of TCGPlayer, that's a marked difference. 

We can't take credit for this advice because MTG reporters like Saffron Olive and Emma Partlow have already been spreading the good word on Twitter, but hopefully it'll help anyone struggling to track down the One Ring. 

MTG Lord of the Rings Bundle | $66.98 at Walmart
UK price:

MTG Lord of the Rings Bundle | $66.98 at Walmart
If you're trying to track down the One Ring, this is probably the most cost-effective method right now. Along with the stylized One Ring card that's included with every pack, you're also getting eight Set Boosters which may also contain the One Ring.

UK price: We've struggled to find this pack in stock across the pond, but will update this listing as soon as we do.

Unfortunately, plenty of other folks have cottoned on to this offer as well, so it's being snapped up fast. It's temporarily out of stock at the likes of Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Wayland Games, for example. Basically? Move quickly to avoid disappointment. And if you struggle, take a look at your local hobby store or general stores - the Bundle is currently available for $61.99 at Best Buy in certain areas, for instance. 

Still, there's hope. Even if you aren't able to get this pack, there are alternatives. The Gift Bundle also contains the same card (though that's largely sold out or massively overpriced by sellers as a result), and Set Boosters have a chance to include the One Ring. These go for a few dollars each in store, and sometimes online (one can be found at Amazon UK for £7.45, for instance). Here's an exact breakdown:

  • The One Ring (standard card): Set Boosters, Bundle, Gift Bundle, Collector Boosters
  • The One Ring (borderless): Gift Bundle, Collector Boosters
  • The One Ring (alt-art): Bundle, Gift Bundle, Collector Boosters
  • The 1 of 1 Ring: Collector Boosters, might be found in Gift Bundle

In terms of gameplay, we've been very impressed with MTG Lord of the Rings so far - it may just beat standard Magic to a spot amongst the best card games. As we mentioned before, MTG Lord of the Rings helped me rediscover the wonder of Middle-earth as well, so it's definitely a journey worth going on.

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