The One Ring card worth $2m has been found

The One Ring card, as displayed on PSAcard's Twitter account
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The One Ring card from MTG Lord of the Rings has been found, so fans can stand down - the worldwide hunt is officially over.

After causing headlines for months and having racked up a bounty of $2million due to it being the only one ever printed, The One Ring card was finally discovered seven days after MTG Lord of the Rings went on sale this June 23. To be precise, PSAGraded ended the search with a tweet revealing that this totally unique card had been found, authenticated, and graded at mint condition.

It's unclear who found it or what they'll do with it now though, because the Wall Street Journal reports that the owner wishes to remain anonymous. When you bear the sizeable price-tag hovering over the card in mind, this probably isn't surprising.

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Because only one of these cards was printed, and it could only be found in Collector Booster packs, the Magic community worked itself into a frenzy trying to track it down over the last week. The term has been trending on Twitter for days, for example, and social media was flooded with posts from countless players buying boosters in an attempt to find The One Ring. Unsurprisingly, plenty of fakes were 'discovered' along the way as well. 

It's not hard to see why; some were offering a fortune in exchange for the card, and one Spanish store actually promised $2m (along with a paella meal) for anyone that tracked The One Ring down. 

As noted in a comment to GamesRadar+ by the founder of collectibles marketplace Goldin,
Ken Goldin, "The Lord of the Rings Magic: The Gathering card is the first true 'one of one' card issued in a major TCG product. The card represents a combination of two major franchises with Magic: The Gathering and Lord of the Rings. The 1/1 ring card is likely to be one of the most valuable TCG cards ever produced. It has been stated that there were bounties ranging between $1 million USD and $2 million euros for the card, so my thought is if a public event were created where the entire world has the opportunity to bid on the card, it could go for even more."

While some will be disappointed that they've missed out on this specific card, there's still plenty of buzz surrounding its standard equivalent. More specifically, many fans are paying well over the odds to get the normal One Ring card because it's so powerful. If you wanted to get it but don't fancy paying up to $80 for the card by itself, don't worry - here's the cheapest way to get the One Ring card in MTG Lord of the Rings.

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