This insane Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X is a real thing that you can win

Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Xbox/Ubisoft)

Microsoft has teamed up with Ubisoft to produce this incredible Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X and don't worry, UPS driver frantically googling what the hell this thing is you're delivering, it's just a normal, non-exploding gaming console.

The external design of the Xbox Series X couldn't be more different from its main competitor, Sony's PlayStation 5. Where the PS5 turns heads with its contrasting two-toned color scheme and curvy walls, the Xbox Series X stands unshaken and stately; its simple rectangular design only accented by features with some sort of practical use. If you're of the mind that Microsoft's big box is a little too... modest, well, here's one alternative.

Sadly, Microsoft doesn't have plans to sell this ridiculous Far Cry 6-themed custom Xbox Series X in stores, but you can win it if you're really lucky. The good news is that the contest rules are super simple. You just need to be a Microsoft Rewards member in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, or France, and then you can head here to enter before September 30. There's even a link on the page to sign up for Microsoft Rewards if you're really that desperate for this very special Xbox Series X.

If you are lucky enough to win, you'll not only get this absolutely conversation piece of a console, you'll also get a themed controller, a digital copy of Far Cry 6, some exclusive merch inspired by the game, and get this, a Samsung NEO QLED TV. 

That'd be an ideal setup to play all these upcoming Xbox Series X games.

Jordan Gerblick

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