This Guardians of the Galaxy 2 disco music video is just... it's just... I don't... I can't...

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is defined by its music almost as much as its charismatic cast or laugh-out-loud humor. And lucky us, a new music video for "Guardians' Inferno" (featuring David Hasselhoff!) has all three in spades.

God, this whole video is just great. Every second. I love seeing the cast in their ridiculous disco outfits, the cheesy acting, and the bad effects. But why should you and I have all the fun? I've taken some of the very best (or are they the worst?) moments from the video and gif-ified them, so you can share this wonderful piece of art. Be sure to use them completely without prompting or warning to thoroughly confuse your friends.

Thank you, Guardians.