This Fallout 76 player created an actual Labyrinth with a Deathclaw instead of a Minotaur

Some Fallout 76 (opens in new tab) players use their time to establish in-game police departments that help newbies (opens in new tab). Others spend hours building elaborate traps so they can watch unsuspecting passers by suffer for their amusement. This "Deathclaw Maze" creation by Vault101manguy falls squarely into the latter C.A.M.P., though it's more about scaring the post-apocalyptic pants off of strangers than griefing anybody.

It works like this: Vault101manguy roams around in his finest bathrobe, slippers, and tophat, hoping he runs into you. When he does, he uses all manner of friendly and inviting emotes to guide you back to his C.A.M.P., which is all gussied up like a carnival game. "The Maze," its neon sign announces. "Beat the Maze!" "Win Prizes!" cheer the little labels next to the door. You step inside, the door shuts and locks behind you, and you go searching for an exit only to find a Deathclaw. But it's ok!

"This is entirely an experience of fear," Vault101manguy explains (worryingly) in a Reddit post. "The people in the video likely couldn't tell at the time but tame-ables function on the same player damage rules as players, so they are only doing slap damage (opens in new tab) unless the player is either wanted or has reciprocated PvP. But that is really hard to think about when you're unexpectedly faced with a Deathclaw that is chasing you through a locked maze. Nobody in the video actually died."

You can see in this other video (opens in new tab) of the Deathclaw Maze's first victims that they both just fast travel away after a few moments of fruitless searching and slap-combat. Later on, a streamer couple happened to spy a bit of Deathclaw poking out around the corner as they were walking in and proceeded to get the hell outta there.

If you want to see more sinister Fallout 76 creations like this, please get help. Failing that, check out other creations from the same evil genius like Murder Church (opens in new tab) and a deceased-optional crematory (opens in new tab).

If you're still shuddering at the idea of being stuck in a maze with a deathclaw, at least Fallout 76 is adding brewing and distilling systems (opens in new tab) so your character can drink to forget. Man, even this kicker text turned out kinda dark, didn't it?

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