Fallout 76 power armor: Where to find them all and how best to use it

Explore long enough and you're likely to find a Fallout 76 power armor location eventually, but it's not guaranteed - there are some random spawns, and some places where you really have to work for the chance to find some Fallout 76 power armor. 

But Fallout 76 wouldn't be a Fallout game if you couldn't get some power armor and start clanking about the wasteland dispensing whatever you call justice. Here's how to find the Fallout 76 power armor locations and, just as importantly, how to use it once you do.

How to use Fallout 76 power armor 

Some Fallout 76 power armor freestanding

You’ll find Fallout 76 power armor scattered around the map, apparently in a mix of regular and random locations (check our Fallout 76 power armor location map below for more on that). Finding a set however is only the start of your mecha-suit journey as there’s more to things here than just finding metal legs and putting them on. 

When you first find some Fallout 76 power armor you’ll have to strip off all the actual armor to leave a bare frame before you can get in it. This is because while there’s no level limitation on the frame, there will be on the armor pieces that equip on it, so the arms, legs, chest and helmet. The level restrictions break down as follows: 

  • Raider Power Armor - level 15
  • T-45 Power Armor - level 25
  • T-51 Power Armor - level 30
  • T-60 Power Armor - level 40  
  • X-01 Power Armor - level ??

(There’s also a new form of mining armor, so far found in a T-51 variation, that boosts your efficiency and rewards when mining.)

Taking the parts off fallout 76 power armor

So reiterate, you can wear the frame at any level, but you will need to be the appropriate level to equip any of the actual armor pieces on it. Even a bare frame has bonuses however, increasing strength, boosting all forms of damage resistance and making you immune to falling damage. You will however need a fusion core to power it, without one you won’t be able to run, use power attacks or aim with VATs. From what we’ve seen so far fusion cores can be found in generators that often appear near power armor locations and, if you see one, it’s likely worth checking to see if there’s some armor nearby. 

A Fallout 76 power generator with a fusion core in it

Look out for power generators like this one on the left in Fallout 76 to get the fusion cores you need to fuel your power armor.

So, when you first find some power armor you’ll need to take all the bits off (by storing them in your inventory) before you get in it. When you leave you’ll be able to ‘collect’ it which will add it to your apparel inventory. It’ll also be collected automatically if you leave the area, disconnect or enough time passes, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. As we understand the current system you can have as many sets you like but only ‘bind’ to one that then can’t be used (/stolen) by anyone else. 

Fallout 76 power armor locations

So far we’ve discovered 15 Fallout 76 power armor locations of varying authenticity based on our own discoveries and that of the Fallout 76 community. It looks like they don’t always appear in a known location, although it’s not clear whether that’s due to someone else taking them first or because they’re randomly spawned. The yellow frame that supports them does seem to be constant though, so if you find one of those maybe try fast travelling away and back again to see if it respawns. It also looks like standalone suits of power armor can also appear in more random locations around the map without a stand. It’s possible that a better luck stat might help you there. 

Fallout 76 power armor in a yellow stand

This is a work in process for the time being as we find, add and confirm more Fallout 76 power locations to the map (and feel free to add any you find in the comments below). For the time being these are locations where Fallout 76 power armor has been found so far. 

1 Vault 63
Almost directly south of Vault 76, in the Ash Heap region, is Vault 76. That reportedly contains mining power armor. This is a new form of power armor that gives you boosted rewards while mining. The vault door is locked by a terminal when you find it, and you’ll need a key card to open it. 

2 Nuka-Cola plant
You can’t really miss the Nuka-Cola plant once you get near it because the building is the shape of a giant bottle. Head south/south west of Vault 76 and you should find it near a fork in the river. Once inside (you might need to pick a lock) find the basement and look for a big room with a yellow crane/bulldozer type machine. You should find some power armor in the corner. 

3 Point Pleasant
You might head Point Pleasant’s way to check out the Mothman Museum but while you’re there you can also grab some power armor. There are a lot of walkways, fire escapes and gangplanks here giving the place plenty of elevation. Fittingly, then, the Fallout 76 power armor is on a rooftop. You’ll need to find a green truck opposite a shop called Barnado’s and use the vehicle to get on the nearby building’s roof (watch out for Scorched). Look out for another metal staircase that takes you up one more level where you should find a wooden walkway. The power armor will be at the end of that. 

4  WV Lumber Co
In the far north west of the map, near the river, you’ll find the WV Lumber Co. It’s a lumber Mill full of Super Mutants, so minus points. But there’s power armor, so every cloud. 

5 Hornright Industrial Mining Company 
In Charlestown, south of Vault 76 near a river junction, you should be able to pick up a mission called The Motherlode involving a beacon that will take you to some power armor. It’s not a quick mission, involving getting keycards and completing an exam on a terminal but you’ll find some power armor at the bottom of some stairs along the way. 

6 Unmarked cave
Head way north, directly above Vault 76 and look for an unmarked cave. There’s Raider Power armor inside. 

7 Aaronholdt Homestead
North, and a touch west of Vault 73, you’ll find a farm called the Aaronholdt Homestead. There’s a shed near several grain silos with a power generator outside (grab the core) and in there you’ll find some power armor waiting to be... borrowed. Permanently.

8 - Moundsville Penitentiary, in a yellow building
There are a lot of Super Mutants around Moundsville Penitentiary so maybe not a place to hit up early on. When you can handle it, blast your way through it all and look for a yellow building around the back where you can find some power armor. 

9 Morgantown Warehouse
In MorganTown, east of Vault 76, you should see a Mama Dolce’s Food processing plant. Near that you’ll find a small shack or warehouse type building with a power generator outside (where you can grab a fusion core). Inside - mind the booby traps - you’ll find some power armor.

10 - Silo shed north of Billing Homestead
Directly north of the Nuka-Cola plant you’ll find the Billing Homestead, and in the northern part of that you’ll find some grain silos and a shed. Check the shed for some power armor. 

11 Camp Venture
Find camp Venture in the south east of the map and you should find some power armor In the yard.

12 By the crashed Vertibird, Watoga
Near the big tower in Watoga, in the south east of the map, you’ll find a crashed vertibird and signs of a fight. Right by the vertibird you’ll find some power armor on the floor. 

13 Drop Site V9 
In the far, far south east you’ll find a place called Drop Site V9. There’s reported to be some power armor in there. 

14 Clarksberg
Near Wavy Willard’s Water Park, a little ways south of it, you’ll find Clarksberg. It’s a small town and full of angry robots, apparently the only survivors of a human/machine labour dispute. Look for a tall building with a fire escape on the side that doesn’t reach the ground. Head behind it and you’ll find a barricade with “Man Before Machine” written on it and some stairs up. Follow that roof around to the right and you reach the fire escape. The power armor will be in the next floor up. 

15 Burning Mine
You can reportedly find some power armor near Bernie, around the shaft at Burning Mine on the Eastern side of Ash Heap. 

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