Fallout 76 patch notes: the 1.19 update brings Nuclear Winter battle royale to Appalachia

Fallout 76 patch notes 10

The latest Fallout 76 1.19 update, also referred to as Patch 10, brings the new Nuclear Winter battle royale mode to the Appalachian wastelands for a pre-beta sneak peak in the Fallout 76 free week. The patch notes give us a rundown of everything we need to know about the new  Fallout 76 mode, including how to get stuck into battling it out to be the next overseer of Vault 51. The new mode comes alongside a pretty sizable list of bug fixes and combat improvements that will no doubt help Fallout’s take on battle royale run smoothly. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Nuclear Winter mode and see all of the changes the 1.19 update brings with it. 

 Fallout 76 update 10 changes

The Forest Region is caught up in a nuclear storm

For the pre-beta, you’ll be battling it out to claim your stake as the new overseer in the Forest Region, which is a pretty sizable playing field. As the first area you enter when you emerge from Vault 76, it’s home to towns Point Pleasant and Charleston. But the green lands are surrounded by a raging Nuclear storm. The storm dictates the size of the battlefield, as it will close in and move around at regular intervals throughout each match, and if you get caught up in it, you’ll get yourself burned. Ouch.  

Matchmaking takes place inside vault 51

Instead of just twiddling your thumbs in a lobby while you wait it out for players to join your match, you can explore Vault 51. And just like many other battle royale modes out there, once your team has enough players, you and your teammates will have a set amount of time to choose where you spawn on the map. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, there will also be a small grace period where you’ll be granted invulnerability so you can your bearings on the landing location before the match begins. But if you attack or interact with an object, it will end the effect early.  

Weapons, armor, chems, and other items have been rebalanced for PVP

If you’ve already gotten stuck into Adventure or Survival mode, your character level won’t have any bearing on your power in Nuclear Winter matches, and you’ll get no bonuses against other players. Weapons and items have been tuned for PVP combat, so the outcome of battles will depend on skill alone.  

Every match involves scavenging for weapons, armor, and supplies

Any existing items you’ve found throughout your adventures in other modes won’t be carried over into Nuclear winter. Instead, at the start of every match, you’ll have to hunt down weapons, armour, and supplies to give you and your team the best chance of emerging victorious. Any items found during a match will be removed at the end of each session, so you start anew in the next match. Newly placed crates, hackable terminals and lootable creatures will be in the area for you to scavenge and hunt, and any items found will automatically be added to the favorites wheel for easy access. You’ll start each match with perk cards that will enable you to lockpick containers and hack terminals.

Building a CAMP won't cost resources

In the Nuclear Winter you will be able to build CAMPs, and many of the blueprints from Adventure and Survival mode can be placed in Nuclear Winter. Building the bases won’t cost you any resources or crafting materials, so you can set up defensive areas in more locations. Turrets have also become lootable items that can be found throughout the region, and Quick CAMP kits have also been added to make adding structures, pre-built bunkers, traps a breeze. 

VATS can't be used on other players, but nukes will give you advantage

While VATS can still be used on creatures roaming the region during a match, the mode will disable the aiming feature on opposing players. Throughout the region, you’ll be able to get your hands on nuclear briefcases and launch codes to devastate a particular area. Anyone caught in the blast radius will instantly be killed. That’s a pretty nice advantage to have.  

There's a new progression system with Overseer ranks and XP 

Overseer XP and ranks will be at the heart of the mode, and every match you play will earn you more XP. Every Overseer rank unlocks new cosmetics that can used across all modes, such as power armor and workshop objects. The higher in rank you are, the more rooms you’ll be able to access in Vault 51. And just like a game of cluedo, each room will have a clue that points towards what happened to the original vault dwellers. Any XP and caps you earn in Nuclear Winter will also carry over into Adventure and Survival mode.  

Nuclear Winter adds a new Perk Card system  

The new mode will include a new Perk Card system that will added 73 new perk cards, and some of them can only be used in this mode. Before a match begins, it will let you select and equip 7 cards in Vault 51. Once you’ve left the vault you won’t be able to change them. Everyone starts out with a starter deck with 7 Nuclear Winter Perks equipped. By completing challenges and gaining Overseer Ranks, more perk cards can be unlocked. 

While the new mode is the main event of the new update, plenty of bug fixes have been implemented. Here are the full patch notes listed below: 

Arts and graphics 

  • Wall Decor: Stitched up a few holes that were visible on the Mounted Scorchbeast Queen Head.
  • Weapons: Removed a duplicate bolt and hammer from the Pioneer Scout Lever Action Rifle. 

CAMP, Crafting and Workshops

  • Billboards: The amount of CAMP and Workshop budget consumed by various neon billboards has been made more consistent. 
  • Posters: The Mothman Poster can now be repaired using the Workshop's Modify Menu.
  • Sleeping Bags: Sleeping Bags unlocked via the Shop now correctly count as variants of the base Sleeping Bag.
  • Vending: When Fast Traveling to a CAMP players now spawn near the owner's Vending Machine, rather than near the center point of the CAMPs building radius. 
  • Vending: Materials that are marked for sale in the player's Vending Machine are no longer consumed when the player is crafting.
  • Wall Decor: Greek Letters placed on a wall are no longer visible through the back of that wall.   


  • Enemies: Addressed an issue that could cause an enemy creature to become invincible. 
  • Ranged Weapons: Firing a ranged weapon rapidly no longer occasionally causes those attacks to pass through enemies at close range. 
  • Scopes: Firing and aiming at the same time with a scoped weapon now correctly activates the scope instead of sometimes bringing the weapon to the middle of the screen. 
  • Targeting: Names and health bars for enemies who are very far from the player's current location no longer sometimes appear on the screen. 
  • VATS: Fixed an issue that could cause VATS to always display a hit chance of 0% when using a melee weapon and targeting floating enemies, such as Bloatflies and Bloodbugs. 


  • Experimental MIRV: Firing the experimental MIRV Fat Man in a downward direction no longer causes the explosion to occur extremely close to the player. 
  • Headwear: The Plague Doctor Mask now correctly prevents airborne Disease. 
  • Headwear: Fixed an issue that incorrectly enabled eyewear and other items that are worn on the face to be equipped under the Vintage Football Helmet.
  • Power Armor: The Mothman Headlamp no longer visually persists after adding a new paint to the Power Armor Helmet that already had Mothman Power Armor paint applied. 
  • Salvaged Assaultron Head: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from crafting the Imposter Assaultron Head version of the Salvaged Assaultron Head. 
  • The Purveyor: Legendary attributes are no longer removed from 3-Star Legendary Wood. 
  • Armor Pieces or Salvaged Assaultron Heads obtained from The Purveyor after logging out. 
  • Dev note: Unfortunately this fix will not apply retroactively. If you received 3-Star Wood Armor or Assaultron Heads that lost attributes after logging out prior to this fix, they will not regain those attributes. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
  • The Purveyor: The levels of legendary items granted by the Purveyor now better match. 

Stability and Performance

  • Stability: Addressed an issue that could cause the client to crash when entering Arktos Pharma and Big Al's Tattoo Parlor. 
  • Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when inspecting items in another player's Vending Machine.
  • Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur in Survival Mode. 

User Interface

  • Localization: Corrected an issue causing some enemies in Arktos Pharma to have unlocalized or incorrect names when playing in Non-English version of the game client. 
  • Atomic Shop: On PC, the button displayed when attempting to purchase Atoms now correctly reads "Enter" rather than "Space." 
  • Atomic Shop: On PC, Pressing "Escape" now correctly exits the payment details screen when purchasing Atoms if the player does not have a controller plugged in.
  • Change Appearance: Disconnecting while in the Change Appearance Menu no longer locks the player's controls. 
  • Change Appearance: Unlocking a Hairstyle from the Shop in the Change Appearance Menu no longer causes the "Unlock" option to persist. 
  • Settings: Changing the Resolution setting no longer causes Placeholder text to appear in the dialog box that prompts the player to restart Fallout 76.
  • Workbenches: Using a Workbench to enter the Atomic Shop no longer removes the player from the Workbench menu after exiting the Shop. 

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