Fallout 76 patch notes: New players get some help, Power Armor tweaks, and more

(Image credit: Bethesda)

 The latest Fallout 76 patch notes for update 11 welcome you to a world with a friendlier new player experience, less buggy power armor, and the long-awaited return of Punch Bowls. Yes, the party-friendly drink dispensers have returned to the game, and yes, you can totally still fill them up with Nukashine, so careful whose bowl you go dipping into. Here are some more highlights from the new Fallout 76 patch notes. 

Easier first steps into the wasteland

Fallout 76 can be an unforgiving game, especially at lower levels, but with Patch 11 in place new players should have an easier time getting started. This is the result of a number of changes: parts of Ash Heap, Savage Divide, and Toxic Valley that are closer to Vault 76 have all had their level ranges reduced for fewer unexpected high level encounters; you can't contract diseases until you're at least level 15; Fast Travel now costs fewer caps under level 25 and doesn't accelerate spoilage for food and drink; and several early-game challenges now award much-needed Aid, Weapons, and Armor instead of Atoms. When you're low level, you probably care more about having a good gun than some currency toward your next emote purchase.

Power Armor PSAs

Wondering why your character woke up at a train station with their inventory overloaded by Power Armor pieces? Don't sweat, you weren't hacked. Bethesda made a number of back-end tweaks to shore up some longstanding bugginess around Power Armor in Patch 11, and as a result it had to move some stuff around in player inventories. All Power Armor pieces have been unequipped from chassis and either moved from your Stash to your inventory or vice versa. You may even find some extra parts or chassis; those were items that you were supposed to get before, but which didn't save correctly the first time around. Oh, and Bethesda left you at a train station so it would be easy for you to drop all your Power Armor pieces back in storage even if you're encumbered.

Item descriptions get way more useful

Double take no more, Fallout 76 item descriptions are now much more interested in actually telling you what's up. The biggest quality-of-life change is that recipes and mods will now also show what item they make under their name while inspecting them or above their stats in trade and container menus, letting you instantly see the important part. Legendary items in trade or container menus will also now show all of their Legendary Attributes, not just the first. As an extra bonus, Legendary items will now be quicker to appear as loot on Legendary enemy corpses. 

Nuclear Winter nerfs for must-have perks

I don't think anybody expected Fallout 76 battle royale to go over this well, and Bethesda is doing everything it can to keep the good times rolling with some balance tweaks to Nuclear Winter mode. The name of the game this time is nerfs to a number of too-common Perks. Frog Legs now reduces your maximum jump height if you bunny hop too much in rapid succession (until you take a break) and the damage bonuses have been reduced for the Master Perks of Commando, Heavy Gunner, Guerrilla, Rifleman, Shotgun, and Demolition Expert. Laser Auto Pistols no longer fire multiple beams per shot, either. Aw.

If you want even more details, check out Bethesda's site for the full, official patch notes. 

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