This Deadpool 2 "wet on wet" teaser is probably the weirdest one yet and I love it

The next Deadpool 2 teaser has arrived and if you were expecting a straight-up tour of action-packed scenes and dramatic moments… you really don't know Deadpool, do you? Honestly, I'd say to stop reading here if you haven't already watched the trailer above then come back. I don't want to spoil the surprise any more than the video thumbnail already has.

If you can't watch at the moment (or tried then stopped 20 seconds in out of utter confusion), yes, the trailer is mostly Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool pretending to be late TV painter Bob Ross. He of the happy little trees and wet-on-wet oil painting technique fame. Deadpool makes the whole thing lewd as hell for the first three quarters of the video until the actual movie stuff begins at 1:30, which I guess you could skip to if you really can't stand Bob Ross (or can't stand to see him parodied). Personally, I think Bob Ross was one of the purest souls to ever walk this Earth - he encouraged folks everywhere to be creative and he raised orphaned baby squirrels, I mean come on - but I also enjoy the joke.

Going back to the movie stuff, it gives us a nice moving-pictures look at several of the film's new characters, including Zazie Beetz as Domino. But aside from that lovely Thanksgiving dinner painting at the end, Cable remains largely absent. 20th Century Fox must be waiting to give him his own proper trailer debut; he is Deadpool's biggest partner and friend(?) in the comics, after all.

Deadpool 2 will be released on June 1, 2018. While you're waiting, you can read about how Deadpool 2 will 'distill the good stuff' from Cable's complex backstory, and how it may set up an X-Force movie.

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