This Dark Souls graphics mod improves draw distance so much that you can cheese one of its bosses from a whole new spot

Dark Souls Remastered Capra Demon boss fight
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Fromsoftserve's Dark Souls Remastered graphics overhaul mod improves the game's draw distance so much that one of its bosses can be cheesed from a brand new spot.

The Capra Demon is one of the original Dark Souls' most notoriously difficult battles, but there are some less than honorable ways to take him down if you're finding him just a tad too tough for your liking. However, without this graphics touch-up mod, you'll be missing out on what seems like a really easy way to cheese this brutal boss to death - not to mention vastly improved visuals across the board.

As you can see in this video from the modder themselves, fromsoftserve's Dark Souls Remastered graphics mod increases draw distance to a point where Capra Demon will show up on screen even while you're perched up on the high walls of Undead Burg, from which he would otherwise be invisible in the un-modded version of the game. Safe from the boss's savage machete swings, fromsoftserve advises you simply chuck fire bombs from this vantage point until it's GG for Capra. 

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"By editing the map files and drawparams, I've enabled dynamic shadows throughout Lordran," reads the mod's description. "Also increased LODs and tonemapping changes to facilitate better transitions between areas. More items reflected in water, as well. Added specularity to textures in some areas. Removing baked lightmaps enables much more realistic shadows."

To clarify, I haven't actually been able to test the mod and thus can't vouch for its quality or compatibility with Dark Souls Remastered, whether online or offline; this is just a neat look into one of the ways a strictly visual mod can dramatically affect gameplay. 

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