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This Corsair low-profile mechanical keyboard is cheaper than ever at $60 off

(Image credit: Corsair)

As the Amazon Prime Day deals reach their twilight hours, Best Buy is competing with this incredible deal on a Corsair low-profile K70 mechanical keyboard. If you've been waiting to get a mechanical keyboard to complete your PC setup or replace a worn board, this is as good a time as ever as this well-liked Corsair is cheaper than its ever been brand new.

Corsair is a name synonymous with high-quality PC gaming components, and this sleek little wired mechanical job is certainly no exception. Our pals at PC Gamer gave a variant of the K70 a glowing review when it released back in 2013, and this new version is even better with a low-profile build and Cherry MX Speed Switches. "As well as fixing the problems with the previous versions, the K70 contains all that was good about the original Vengeance peripherals too. Namely outstanding build-quality, simple volume and media controls, replacement, textured WSAD keys and Win-key disabling," the review reads.

This is a typically quite expensive keyboard made dramatically affordable, Best Buy says it's Black Friday Price Guaranteed, which means you aren't likely to find it any cheaper soon. What I'm saying is that if you're considering waiting for a better deal on a high-end mechanical keyboard, you might be waiting longer than you think if you don't snatch this one up.

The speed switches in the Corsair K70 are one of the biggest selling points, ensuring quick actuation and a nice, muted typing sound. You can also customize the RGB lighting to your liking, and there's plenty of convenience features like on-the-fly volume controls, a USB port for your mouse or charger, and profile storage. I can't say it enough, at $90 this really is an unprecedented value.

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