This cheap VPN deal saves you 49% and offers three months for free

This cheap VPN saves you 49% and offers three months for free
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A cheap VPN is always handy, but they're proving their worth with so many of us stuck inside. If you've not grabbed one yet, this ExpressVPN sale is one of the better offers we've seen. Besides saving you almost 50% off a full year's membership, it throws in an extra three months for free. That's cracking value for money.

This cheap VPN offer isn't too deadly in price, either. Indeed, the ExpressVPN sale will set you back $6.67 or £5.50 per month depending on which side of the pond you live. That's a discount of 49%, plus you get three extra months thrown in absolutely free. Because VPNs allow you to access other region's content and get around geo-blocks, that's awesome. ExpressVPN is our favorite Netflix VPN, too. 

Cheap VPN

ExpressVPN | $6.67 / £5.50  per month

ExpressVPN | $6.67 / £5.50  per month
This offer gets you a year of Express VPN for 49% less, plus three extra months for absolutely nothing. It's a cracking deal that gets you access to other regions' content, keeps your data safe, and allows you to avoid price-gouging from holiday websites based on your location.

Fuzzy about why you need a VPN, or 'Virtual Private Network'? To begin with, they keep your data much safer and more secure. Secondly, VPNs hide your IP address to avoid the likes of holiday websites giving you an inflated price based on location. However, the most useful feature would have to be the ability to get around geo-blocking. This is where certain services aren't available or block content based on country, usually due to rights issues. A good example would be Friends in the US. Although it's available on the UK version of Netflix in full, it's missing from the American equivalent. With a VPN you can just use a UK server and watch as if you're based in good old Great Britain.

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