This cheap gaming TV deal saves you more than £600 on a quality 4K TV - ends today!

This cheap gaming TV deal saves you more than £600 on a quality 4K - ends today!
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Boxing Day may be drawing to a close, but this cheap gaming TV deal shows that there's still a bit of Christmas magic left in the tank. More specifically, the Philips Ambilight 55-inch 4K TV has had its price reduced to just £509. That's an enormous saving of £641 (!) and a discount of more than half the original price - a bargain by any other name. As a result, it's also one of the best Boxing Day sales available right about now. However, you'll need to move fast. This offer comes to an end at midnight tonight (12am UK time).

Because this cheap gaming TV deal includes mood-setting ambilight functionality, the wall behind it will be flooded with colour to match whatever's on-screen. Working your way through the dungeons of Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening thanks to Currys' cut-price offer? You'll get the game's vibrant greens and yellows displayed across the room, making the screen seem bigger. Working through Death Stranding after picking up a cheap PS4 Pro deal? This panel will only add to the ambience with that clever lighting system. It's a cool touch that provides a more immersive experience overall. When combined with super-sharp 4K resolution and HDR, this is quite the catch - particularly for £600 or so less than normal. Just remember, the offer ends at midnight tonight (12am UK time) - you don't have long to make the most of it. 

Overall, the bang to buck ratio here is enormous, and you'll be in massive net profit. Aside from the size lending itself to being a home's 'main' TV, if you were setting aside 500-odd quid for an extra TV for your house, think about how far this model would make that money go.

We think the 55-inch variant offers great value but there are others on sale too: the biggest TV, the 65-inch model, is down to £659; the 50-incher is now £429; and the baby of the bunch, the 43-inch TV is a snip at £389.

Cheap gaming TV deal

Philips 55PUS7304/12 Ambilight 4K TV | 55-inch | just £509 at Amzon UK (save £641)

Philips 55PUS7304/12 Ambilight 4K TV | 55-inch | just £509 at Amzon UK (save £641)
The bang-to-buck ratio here is enormous for a TV that's a perfect size for most rooms and gets you that delicious ambilight feature.

This is one of the best Boxing Day deals we've seen thus far, and it's not surprising they've put a timer on it. As such, we'd recommend snapping it up now if you're in any way keen.

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